CoD players have figured it out, but it's not very helpful.

16:26, 16 Apr 2021

Just reading the words 'stim glitch' is enough to wind even the most seasoned Call of Duty player up. So when we came across a brand-new one in the recently-added radiation zones in Warzone, it raised some eyebrows. 

For those of you who don't know, the stim glitch, in its many forms over the lifetime of Warzone, relied upon idle time for the gas to tick away at your health before shocking your health bar up to the maximum with an EpiPen-like stab of the arm. With this being a way of staying in the gas forever until your foes perish, the manipulation was frowned upon and considered cheating.

We thought we'd seen the last of it in March, when a patch was introduced. The patch notes said: "Players that are continually in the gas will suffer more damage over time", meaning that the longer one stays in the gas the more damage it will cause.

Judging by this post on Reddit, a new version has emerged. However, even though it works - it's not very effective. 

You can restock stims faster than radiation can kill you from r/CODWarzone

One player commented on the post: "Ha ffs, it's the stim glitch without the glitch". While another added: "Friendly reminder! This does not work when the gas closes in! In actual fact it quickens your death".


So luckily, this isn't much of an issue. Plus, with the new season coming in less than a week - it won't be around for long. 

NICKMERCS recently uploaded a video regarding the new season, saying: "Today we got some big news finally, we’re gnna be talking about the live event coming to Warzone - it’s a nuke event coming at the end of season 2, this is huge, they’ve done a couple in-game events, but nothing like this. Now we don't really know how the whole thing’s gnna play out, but we do know a couple things. People went in the game files, and one of the playlists says: ‘Congratulations, you’ve completed the first part of the in-game event’, which 100% means it’s a part one, part two thing at least."

He added: "At some point, we’re going back in time. We’re going to the 1980s, that’s already confirmed. Bag it, ship it, tag it. "


The event will be starting on April 21 at around 12pm.



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