A large numbver of Warzone players are reporting their accounts have been permanently banned.

14:10, 28 Apr 2021

Raven Software's defensive siege against hackers and cheaters was given a boost recently with a wave of bans cracking down on suspect accounts and diminishing them to the dark dungeons of Verdansk. The developers recently wiped out another 30,000 bans, plunging a whole army of hackers into the Gulag to await trial against Captain Price.

Despite recent comments from Raven employees claiming that Warzone cheaters "are ruining the best work he's done in his life", it also appears that their enforcement is affecting other players too. Reports have been flooding in on the Activision forums, with players getting permanently banned for no reason.

The same problem has occurred earlier this month, prior to Warzone Season 3, except it was zombies fanatics getting stung with a "Sail 630 Nuclear Bug" error code that permanently banned accounts.

Now, the strange bans have filtered over to Warzone. Taking to Activision Support, numerous accounts have reported that they have received permanent bans from Warzone despite no wrongdoing.


Some of the accounts were even streaming at the time of the bans, leaving their viewers just as confused. One user said: "My account got permanently banned for no reason, while I was streaming, I got disconnected mid-match and received the account ban screen."


Other users have begun to attempt to take things into their own hands. One banned player has urged the exiles to dispute any in-game purchases to attract Activision's attention who seemingly aren't reversing any bans as of yet.

Previously, Treyarch Community Manager, Josh "FoxhoundFPS" Torres, said: "I am unable to assist with this issue. All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the security team before enforcement," in reference to how to overturn the bans.

So far, the bans seem to be random, with no explicit pattern that you should avoid doing. Unfortunately, it appears that the bans are sheer bad luck. Keep a four-leaf clover nearby next time you're jumping into Verdansk '84.


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Image via Activision

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