Although the feature isn't available yet, Warzone players keep being placed into Private Lobbies

14:00, 11 Sep 2020

Warzone players are reporting that they are being placed into private lobbies, even though the feature hasn't been made available yet.

Call of Duty: Warzone has allowed players to congregate in a fun and entertaining battle royale mode, in teams of up to four, with over 75 million players dropping into Verdansk since it came out. 

One thing that some players have been asking for is Private Lobbies, allowing you to gather multiple groups of friends and compete together. Who wouldn't want to figure out once and for all who the king of the Gulag is, who has all the talk but can't walk the walk, and who gets the bragging rights in your group?

Well, somehow, players have been randomly been placed in such lobbies, despite it not being an actual feature.

TikTok user "dbock3556" has captured images of this feature, stating “so I was in a duo match and halfway through and it lagged me out”.


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Unfortunately, the user didn't navigate the menus on the video to see which game modes could have been available to play on. 

Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed that the map had been blurred out in grey, hinting at this being a possible feature with a new map design. Connecting the dots, fans have begun to assume that this will be a feature within Black Ops Cold War, where a new map is highly speculated. 

Treyarch confirmed in the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer worldwide reveal that the next instalment of Call of Duty will "usher in the next evolution of Call of Duty Warzone," adding to what the game already has, which would tie in with the theory that we will see features such a Private Lobbies.


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Image via Activision

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