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14:18, 13 Jan 2021

With Black Ops Cold War Season 1 coming with a variety of changes to Warzone, one of the most noticeable differences to previous patches was the removal of the classic Gulags, in favour of a non-imprisonment Poundland Nuketown.

The three prison bathrooms were ditched in favour of the most basic Nuketown design we have seen yet, where players will battle it out one versus one until a lone victor stands and is redeployed back to Verdansk. With a lack of a bastille confinement feeling, Nuketown's Gulag has been heavily criticised. Not just because you feel there is a serious lack of Verdanskanians placing wagers on your life like a sport, but more so because of its horrible lanes of sight that favours one side.

One side is that easy that popular Twitch sensation "DeanoBeano", notoriously known for playing Call of Duty with a variety of instruments, was able to get the best of his opponent by using a recorder. By blowing into his woodwind gadget, the streamer uses each note for a different movement mechanic and was able to exploit the lane of sight down the side of the Nuketown board into his opponents' spawn and send a clip of his Kilo 141 into them. 

DeanoBeano, now a member of SoaR Gaming, saw an incredible rise to fame during 2020, using a drumkit to get kills on Modern Warfare after experimenting with his kit to make a set up to compliment a sniper. Now, it appears that he has a multitude of apparatus in his army, capable of making a one-man army. 

What's next for the streamer is yet to be identified, although something like a Ukelele or a Glockenspiel would be rather entertaining to watch. 



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Image via Activision | DeanoBeano | Twitch

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