In one of the best shots in Warzone history, a player managed to wipe out an entire squad with one bullet.

11:48, 06 Oct 2020

American Sniper, Hurt Locker, and Jarhead have all been made redundant films. Instead, one Call of Duty: Warzone player has stolen the show with one of the most impressive snipes ever caught on camera. Albeit with an element of luck, this player managed to wipe out an entire squad of four in one single shot with the outcasted Rytec AMR.

The Rytec AMR was introduced at the start of Modern Warfare Season 5 and has since been shunned due to its slow aim down sight speed and nerfs to its explosive chambers. However, when used correctly, the minority of snipers that use this weapon will often reap the rewards.

Reddit user "MegasHvalur" had his clip circulated, after connecting with four opponents with the Rytec Explosive rounds, sending them all to the Gulag scratching their heads. 

I just wiped this 4 man squad with 1 bullet from r/CODWarzone

The ghillie in the mist was guided by live pings from his teammates, before hitting ridiculous collateral which also collided with a munitions box, creating a huge explosion. Combined with the Rytec's explosive magazine round, the explosion was brutal enough to completely wipe out the squad, who had no saving grace from a self-revive. 

One opponent even ended up incorrectly reporting the marksman. As a newcomer to the game, he was flabbergasted at the events that had unfolded, believing him to be cheating. The bereaved opponent commented saying "I was playing with the boys and we were totally shocked when we all died to some 'unknown' explosion," before adding "one of my friends was a beginner and he reported you for cheating" [sic].


Many have dubbed the kill as lucky, whilst others have said that "that one right there is probably never going to be topped". Either way, this is a feat that has never been done before, and it will go down in Warzone folklore as one of the best kills we've ever seen.


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Image via Activision

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