Verdansk is getting creepy.

10:57, 16 Apr 2021

Call of Duty: Warzone has been admired for reigniting the franchise following some dwindling multiplayer experiences during the jet-pack era. Reverting to boots on the ground gameplay on a smooth Modern Warfare engine, the battle royale has undoubtedly seen the franchise back in the limelight, attracting the world's biggest streamers and a whopping fan base.

The free-to-play title has also seen each of the branches of Call of Duty begin to intertwine, especially with the crossover with the Zombies game mode and storylines. The undead first popped up in Warzone through the Haunting in Verdansk Halloween event, and have recently begun to take over various locations of the soon-to-be doomed map.

Back in the spooky season, players could become infected and be whipped into a state of flesh-thirsty bogeyman in an attempt to feed on the limbs of their foes. 

It now appears that this is possible once again, as Warzone's latest update added radiation levels to Shipwreck and Prison, which allows players to turn into zombies.

Displayed by popular YouTube star Jack "Jackfrags" Mason, players dying in the radiation zones come back to life as a zombie.


The turned players will be fully equipped with faster movement speed, no fall damage, and three special abilities in Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast, just as they were during the Halloween event.

The radiation zones are reportedly following the aftermath of the infected zones. By landing in the zones players instantly take damage, similar to the incoming zone, which may prove rather frustrating should it continue to spread to Hospital, Superstore, and TV Station just as the zombies did.



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Image via Activision

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