There's another glitch with the Juggernaut in Call of Duty: Warzone, and this time, those giant abominations are more overpowered than ever.

09:32, 30 Nov 2020

Call of Duty players have another reason to hate the gigantic Juggernaut as that supersized enemies has become even more overpowered. Juggernauts have been plaguing us with problems in Verdansk since they were introduced to Warzone back in June. Developers tried to nerf the Juggernaut with a reduced drop rate in a November update, but now, they're arguably more powerful than ever thanks to a ginormous glitch.

Juggernauts are already hard enough to down thanks to their impressive armouring and souped-up health stats. Taking them out isn't impossible if you work together, but just imagine facing-off against an unkillable Juggernaut with unlimited revives. It sounds like a ridiculous scenario that Infinity Ward would surely never allow in its battle royale bloodbath. Well, you'd think that, wouldn't you?


Warzone Juggernaut glitch: what is it? 

During fire sale as jug you can buy unlimited self revives from r/CODWarzone

The latest Juggernaut glitch comes from combining the Buy Station and Fire Sale. The Fire Sale slashes the price tag on important items, and sometimes, gives you one for free. According to Redditor u/TarleenG, simply head to the Buy Station while wearing the Juggernaut suit during a Fire Sale and reap the rewards. In the clip, they use the free item perk as an exploit to drop an unlimited number of self revives on the ground.

This Juggernaut has littered the ground with self revives, meaning their team can also make the most of this broken Fire Sale. As well as filling up your inventory to save valuable coin for other items, the self revives will still be there later for you to nab. Asked whether the glitch could be used on something like gas masks, TarleenG responded, "It would probably be the same and drop on the floor but since they're not free u can't buy unlimited". Still, an unlimited supply of self revives is a pretty handy trick to have up your sleeves.



Warzone Juggernaut glitch: What's Infinity Ward said? 

Juggernauts were already one of the most powerful features in Warzone. They're hard enough to take down in Solo, but tackling one with a team behind it in Quads is a daunting task, let alone when they're stocked up to the eyeballs with self revives. At the time of writing, it doesn't look like Infinity Ward is aware of the Warzone Juggernaut glitch. That being said, the dev team is usually pretty on it with these things.

We don't encourage you to make the most of the Fire Sale exploit unless you fancy facing the wrath of other players and Infinity Ward, but rest assured, some unscrupulous gamers are definitely going to make the most of this until it's inevitably patched out. With the Juggernaut continuing to be a divisive addition to Warzone, it will be interesting to see if they get a tweak when we head into Black Ops Cold War Season 1. 



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