Modern Warfare Season 4 is LIVE, and with it come some changes to Warzone, with 3 in-match events, Jailbreak, Fire Sale and Supply Chopper

08:30, 11 Jun 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, Modern Warfare Season Four is now live. With the humongous update comes changes to Warzone, adding a crazy new element to the game, with in-match Warzone events. There are three in total, Jailbreak, Fire Sale, and Supply Chopper. These challenges are completely random in Warzone and can occur at any given time during the match and without any notice. Only one event can happen per game, so make sure to get familiar with each type and how to get the best out of them. Here's what each Warzone in-match events are and how to use them to your advantage.

Warzone Jailbreak Event

When the 'Jailbreak' event occurs, all players that have been eliminated from the game will return to Verdansk. Whether you're awaiting redeployment from your teammates, or in the Gulag, you will be instantly redeployed to that game. There will be a one-minute notice for when Jailbreak occurs, meaning you have one minute to find weapons and armour for your redeployed teammates to land on. This does, however, not apply to teams that have been fully eliminated from the game. If all of your squad is dead and the game is over, Jailbreak cannot bring you back even if you're spectating another team. Be careful too, with your teammates coming back from the dead, so are your enemies. Prepare for mayhem, pistol-whipping, and a whole new outlook for those looking to break the Warzone Kill Records.

Warzone Battle Image 4 Parachutepng

Warzone Fire Sale Event

Fire Sale has featured before in Call of duty; in zombies. Where the random box would normally cost 950 points, it slashes the prices down to 10 points, and a similar effect will happen in Warzone. The Warzone Fire Sale event will slash prices at Buy Stations significantly. The Fire Sale will temporarily discount everything at the Buy Stations except Loadout Drops, from up to 80%, or make everything completely free. For sixty seconds players will be able to stack up on armour boxes, self-revives, UAV's and munitions crates which will give you a much-needed boost to get a win on Warzone. This does mean that Buy Stations will be packed, and enemies will be wanting to advance on the nearest one to optimise this opportunity. Smoke grenades may come in handy here, popping a couple around the buy stations will allow for swift entry and exits from Buy Stations.

Warzone Supply Chopper Event

The Warzone Supply Chopper Event will bring a heavily armoured helicopter to Verdansk. These choppers will not shoot at you but will give you great rewards if you bring one down. With more health than a usual helicopter, the Supply Chopper may take a few rounds of ammo or a couple of rockets to be destroyed. Once destroyed the chopper will drop a barrel load of rewards, including a minimum of:

  • 3 UAVs
  • 2 Armour Boxes
  • 2 Munitions Boxes
  • A Gas Mask
  • A Grenade Launcher
  • Tons of cash

The rewards from the Warzone Supply Chopper will be huge for teams, making them hot property. Once destroyed, keep an eye out for teams advancing on the fallen loot, as you will have to pick it up from the crash site. These rewards will not be granted to you like the completion of a bounty target, you will physically have to collect it, making that area a hot place for enemy teams advancing on the same loot.

Warzone Battle Image 11 Plunderpng

There is a further Contact that can be found too. The Contraband Contract System. This contract will allow you to earn permanent blueprints, perfect for players looking to experiment with new weapons. Completion of this contract will reward you with a blueprint that becomes yours to use in future games and can be equipped in the Edit Weapon section of the menu. The Warzone Contraband Contract System is completed by collecting a contraband case and taking it to a designated helicopter extraction point. There you will have to call in the helicopter and deposit the briefcase to receive your reward. It will, however, mark you on the map, the same way the previous 'Most Wanted' contract worked. If you are killed with the briefcase, it will be dropped for enemies to pick up, so again, be careful as enemies will want this too.

For more Season 4 updates and Modern Warfare guides, stay tuned here at GGRecon.

Images via Activision

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