Our guide and tips to help you win in the Call of Duty: Warzone game mode Plunder.

16:15, 18 Aug 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone comes with two game modes, Battle Royale or Plunder. In recent Call of Duty news, Activision added quads to Plunder, meaning you can now play in a squad of four, which has attracted more players to the unique game mode. Here’s everything you need to know and our guide on how to win Plunder.

What is Plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Played on Verdansk, Plunder is a game mode with unlimited lives, unlike a Battle Royale. Rather than having the objective of being the last man standing, the point of plunder is to get as much cash as possible and deposit it using the balloons and aircraft around the map. It is a race to be the first team to gather $1,000,000. For the BR players here, the cash amounts located around the map are much more valuable and densely scattered, you won’t be picking up any $500 bundles in Plunder.

Plunder has no Gulag and unlimited lives, meaning that you will spawn back onto Verdansk after you have been killed, but without your spare cash which will have been dropped to the team who killed you. You will also be able to pick one loadout for Plunder which you will start with and spawn in with every time you enter, instead of picking loot from the floor and using loadout drops.

How To Win Plunder

How to deposit your cash

You’ll have to have some pretty humongous cojones to wander around carrying $1mil in cash. People will be out to get you as the top placed team will have a target upon their head. Like the way a bounty works in BR, the cash leaders will be highlighted on the mini-map with a large red circle, indicating the area in which they are located. Should you be hunted down, as cash leader or not, depositing your cash is crucial. You can use balloons which can be purchased from the Buy Stations, which can store £150,000, and once deployed, these will be safe and cannot be lost. It takes seven full balloons to win.

There are also multiple landing spots for aircraft which can be called in to collect your cash, but these are in wide-open spaces and attract a lot of attention, so may not be the wisest, unless you have third-partied after the aircraft is on its way in. The balloons do attract some attention as it marks an area on the map for enemies to locate them, but they are released after 15 seconds. Beware, if someone kills you within this time and enters cash into your balloon, the cash will become theirs. Make sure to set these up in well-defended areas. 

How to get cash quick

Quick Quid is not the answer here - despite their adverts. Heavy interest rates. Contracts are the way forward in plunder. Recon and Scavenger contracts are a good way to earn quick cash without being challenged, and bounties can have huge rewards. With a reward for securing the bounty and the victim's loot, these are high risk, high reward. If you are looking to start the game uncontested, we would definitely recommend splitting up slightly and looting various parts of the section in which you land, picking up as many contracts as you can on the way. We would always advise landing near one. These add big rewards in addition to the cash that you will pick up on the way.

Does the gas kill you in Plunder?

No. The gas doesn’t come into play in Plunder, with no need to flush out players. You can land anywhere on the map and not have to worry about rotating inwards, this may leave the outskirts as very advisable spots to land. Primarily quieter spots on the map these still offer good loot and fewer players.

Kills equals Cash

The more kills you get, the more money you generate. If you pick up kills you will be able to take their cash, so if you are flagging behind, deposit that cash and go on the hunt. Some quick kills will give you a good boost up the leaderboard, especially if you get the cash leaders. If you can dip into engagements and dip out back to safety, this will give you a good opportunity to deposit high volumes of cash and ultimately give you the best chance to win.

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Images via Activision

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