Cheaters never prosper.

16:39, 20 Jan 2021

Call of Duty is currently in a state where hackers and cheaters are running absolute havoc throughout nearly every server, both in competitive amateur competitions and in the battle-royale game mode Warzone

After slugging it through Verdank from Quarry to Park, nothing could be more frustrating than getting into the final circle and getting beamed by an aimbot activist or wallhack fanatic. For many, the feeling is real, and Activision seems to insist on their reactive method of banning them after the damage is done - apparently.

However, others have been met by a worse fate, meaning that they are gassed out despite being the only team in the area. 

The Stim glitch has plagued Verdansk for weeks and doesn't seem to be going away. 

With no update or fix to this, players have begun to take things into their own hands, hunting down these pesky cheaters and sending them to where they belong. 


The first instance comes at the hands of London Royal Ravens' star content creator Liam "Jukeyz" James. The former Call of Duty professional was playing alongside Bradley "Wuskin" Marshall, who himself was a part of the Ravens' CDL roster which finished fourth in the world. After racking up over 100 kills on quads, the UK born players were left with one guy stimming his way to victory with the exploit. But they had different intentions. 

By locating the cheater on the map with a UAV, Gas Masks and Stim Shots were used to get the quad to where the player was camping and eliminated him to win the game.

Other players have faced more formidable cheaters too. In a clip that went viral on Reddit, user "Millertime166" had to purchase an advanced UAV (three ordinary UAVs in quick succession) in order to locate the last player as he was hidden from the radar with the Ghost perk.

Wasn’t about to let a stim glitcher steal my squads W from r/CODWarzone

It shouldn't have to be in a players mind when entering the final battles in Warzone, but making sure to capture enemies' cash after eliminating them may prove to be the most effective way of dealing with these cheaters. Using Gas Masks, Stim Shots, Munitions Boxes, UAVs, and a pair of wheels to get near their enemies seems to be the method to deal with these horrendous hackers.



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Image via Activision

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