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22:25, 15 Apr 2021

Well, that's comprehensive. A clip of a hacker in the popular battle royale Warzone recently went viral after a cheater had been caught in action during a live stream of Twitch partner "Yungstaz". In the clip, the hacker can be seen consistently pinging all players in their vicinity, highlighting where their opponents are and functionally providing a wallhack of sorts. Shooting players through walls all around the map, the hacker eventually even pulls out the night vision goggles, an item which is usually not even available in Warzone but only in the engine-sharing Call of Duty. Scoring over thirty kills in this lobby alone, the hacker completely dismantles the lobby Yungstaz played in as the voice channel erupts in comments of disbelief. 

As the squad gets back into their lobby, another of the hacker's tricks is revealed when they keep cycling through different display names, mocking the party further. Eventually, the squad asks the cheater about the nature of his cheat and how long he has been going on for. Staggeringly, they disclose that they have been going on with this specific hack for about five months without any repercussions hacking away in every lobby they join. As the group keeps prying for information, the hacker admits to having coded the cheat themselves, further noting that they haven't sold it to anyone else at this time.

While still unfortunate, this at least in part explains how long the hacker has been going on without being caught, likely due to the rarity of the exploits that they use. It stands to reason that the hackers ability to change display names on the fly could also function as a system to circumvent reports directly, making detection via a manual review system harder. With the hacker supposedly being the only one using this particular cheat, the sample size to detect the software process behind the cheat is likely to have slipped through the nets of the developer Raven Software.

Since the release of Warzone in March 2020, the game has had several bans waves with the last just hitting yesterday, trying to contain the amount of cheaters players encounter in their lobbies. Just last month, Raven Software had for instance nuked the account of 30,000 cheaters in order to come down on the issue. Whether or not the clip going viral will contribute to this particular cheater losing their account is unknown. However, until automatic detection becomes available for their self-made cheat, unfortunately recreating an account for the free to play game remains a viable option.

Image via Activision

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