A Warzone Hacker Uses Hacks To Accuse Pro Player Of Hacking

A Warzone Hacker Uses Hacks To Accuse Pro Player Of Hacking

Written by 

Jack Marsh


9th Jul 2021 17:13

Call of Duty: Warzone's battle against hackers and cheaters has gone cold in recent weeks, as the rand of rebels has begun to plague Verdansk yet again. 

The anti-cheat software, or lack of it, has once again come under scrutiny, especially considering Activision look to plunge deeper into a competitive Warzone community following the success of the World Series of Warzone.

However, the community has now lost its marbles, after one hacker has decided to publically use his hacks to accuse a professional player of hacking himself. Yes, that's correct, a hacker accusing someone of hacking... 

Warzone Hacker Accuses Blazt of Hacking.

Minnesota ROKKR's (Version1) competitive Warzone player Rasim "Blazt" Ogresevic shared a clip of a hacker clearly using his cheats to kill someone before accusing the professional player of cheating himself. 

Blazt, who has competed in Call of Duty for years before making the switch to Warzone, has claimed the hacker "made a 23-minute video saying Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Mason "Symfuhny" Lanier hack", before adding "I’ve lost all hope for humanity."

The former CDL man has appeared at multiple LAN events over his four-year stint in competitive Call of Duty, including the very last live event before the global pandemic paused the circuit. Competing for the Los Angeles Guerrillas, Blazt's career had him competing whilst Warzone was active, adding more credibility to his repertoire than most players in the community. 

Warzone Fans Erupt After A Hacker Accuses Blazt of Hacking

Following the clip of the hacker going viral, Warzone players and Call of Duty figures have leapt to Blazt's defence. 

LA Thieves coach Jordan "JKap" Kaplan expressed his confusion at the clip, saying: "I just lost brain cells listening to this. Guy was mad because he thought other people were hacking?", whilst CDL caster Clint "Maven" Evans joked: "I can't tell if he's actually a brilliant troll, or if all of human civilization is at risk if he comes into contact with too many people..."

The hacker himself must be left rather red-faced, after taking on one of the more esteemed pros in the scene, with a range of reports now heading his way from Blazt and his following.

Activision has failed to roll out a wave of bans on hackers for two months now, despite previously wiping nearly 100,000 accounts off the game.

Should competitive Warzone want to be taken seriously, Activision may need to look at anti-cheat software sooner, rather than later.


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