Who needs Halo Infinite anyway?

17:31, 11 Apr 2021

With 343 Industries brushing over Halo Infinite with a fine toothcomb before its release later this year many devoted fans of the title have been forced to look elsewhere to fill the void that left following the delay announcement back in October 2020.

Many console warriors filtered over to Warzone to plug the need for a new and engaging FPS shooter, ditching the sci-fi plasma sprayers for the more rustic modern weapons in the battle royale. 

However, one Reddit user who has yearned for some Halo action to be brought to the forefront, with the wait for Infinite proving too tantalising. The alias "acoolrocket" has recreated the classic Halo MA5 Assault Rifle with CGI technology and placed it on the shores of Rebirth Island.

The futuristic blaster that has been modified in six different ways over the duration of the Halo franchise boasts some similarities to the RAM-7 from Modern Warfare, in terms of the body build and short barrel.

Acoolrocket used the body of the RAM7 to CGI in the MA5 Assault Rifle into Warzone, combining the two titles in an ingenious manner. 

The Halo Assault Rifle in Warzone using CGI from r/CODWarzone

The rifle still uses the 5.56 NATO Cartridge that is used in the RAM-7, rather than a clip of energy fueled beams seen in the typical MA5, keeping the Ray Gun as the only futuristic laser beam used in Call of Duty.

However, the design looks insanely clean, as if the weapon could be applicable in the modern era. The technology used makes the MA5 look at home on Rebirth Island, with a range of comments praising the use of motion blur and Adobe After Effects.

Others jested that the weapon would make perfect sense to be incorporated into the game, considering we may be set to see modern weapons used in a 1950s Warzone setting by 2022, why not bring one back from the future too


Either way, bravo to acoolrocket, the crossover is rather outstanding.



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Image via Activision

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