Here we go again. This latest Warzone glitch is allowing players to shoot whilst knocked down.

16:06, 09 Oct 2020

We're running out ways to tell you that there is yet another glitch in Warzone. Exasperatingly, it appears that a new glitch is popping up every week, and this time it's down to a fundamental component of the gameplay that has been in the game since its release. Unlike the AS VAL bug allowing players to shoot through walls that came with the inception of the gun in Modern Warfare Season 6, this bug affects a core principle of Warzone and is inexplicitly infuriating.

In a clip that has gone viral through social media platforms such as Reddit, one Warzone player had a ridiculous encounter with a confused opponent. After dropping into the AO and planting his feet firmly on the roof of a building in Downtown, "iDailyTheMach1" begun to sweep the building, and after noticing there was a player on his UAV, he headed to the internal zip wire which allows players to ascend the building without wasting their breath on the stairs. Here, the enemy was met with a mean surprise and was knocked down by the AUG.

Whilst down, the enemy managed to continue to shoot iDailyMach1, despite being downed. Since the start of Warzone, players who have been knocked are left weaponless, using their hands to seemingly cover wounds, rather than return fire.

Can we talk about being able to shoot while knocked? from r/CODWarzone

The Reddit user also commented saying "I’m very glad I didn’t get downed here, but it scared the s*** out of me", and thwarted doubters who tried to dumfound the glitch by saying "Watch again around the 9-10 seconds mark he definitely fired that weapon. The weapons he dropped were also an R-90" which shoot the dragon breath rounds visible. 

With this glitch running rife, players will be advised to thirst their opponents in the hope that they don't miraculously get revenge from the ground. Whether you're dropping downtown or airport, make you've got eyes in the back of your head this weekend.



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Image via Activision

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