Joe 'MerK' DeLuca has just scored the 'world's easiest' Call of Duty: Warzone win, with the superstar streamer taking over Verdansk.

13:03, 05 Apr 2021

As the Call of Duty franchise continues to be held up by Warzone, popular streamer Joe "MerK" DeLuca has landed what could be the game's easiest win. Scoring Victory in Verdansk is no easy feat, but if you count yourself as a pro, you've probably got a few wins under your belt. DeLuca is no stranger to beating the competition, however, his latest stream showed off a clever tactic to best his rivals.

Part of MerK's Warzone win involves a new Killstreak and some clever camouflage. The tactic paid off, and when MerK had found his final spot, he even found time to leave the game running, nip for a snack, and even visit the bathroom. Killstreaks can be make or break when it comes to winning, and while some might count them as "cheating" to win, we've all been tempted by them from time to time.

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How did MerK get the easiest Warzone win?

Sharing his win via Twitter, MerK showed how he used the new Foresight Killstreak. For those who don't know, Foresight is a handy Killstreak that lets you see where the final circle will be. Used correctly, you can dash straight to the final circle and pick the perfect hiding place before anyone else. It's exactly this way of doing things that helped MerK get his win. After activating Foresight, MerK ran to the final circle and lurked out in a bush alongside a concrete wall. Saying, "I'll see you, I gotta go pee", he then left the game running and later returned with a bowl of cereal. Remember, you've got to keep your strength up. 


As the sound of gunfire rang loud in MerK's ears, he emerged from the bushes and easily picked off those who'd made it that far. A lone gunman was seen racing for the final circle, but MerK took them out with ease. He made it all look so easy as the Victory message played across the screen. After getting his win, DeLuca responded to the tweet and wrote, "I got to start trolling more often, this worked out well".

Others applauded MerK for the world's easiest Warzone win. It's not every day someone can grab a bowl of cereal and the crown all in one match. Someone wrote, "The Cereal meta is BROKEN!", while another added, "LMAO thats the best thing ive seen". However, others weren't as impressed. One critic wrote, "Recons ruin the game, knowing the circle before landing needs to be taken out aswell. Anything that lets you know where the circle will be ahead of time needs to go". 


Is MerK's win cheating in Warzone?


Foresight was recently added to Warzone alongside Bombardment. Unlike Foresight, Bombardment rains down a hail of bombs for a period of a minute, which can cause a devastating attack if used cleverly toward the end of a match. To unlock Foresight, you simply have to find a Containment Monitor Station and stump up $20,000 for the Killstreak. Well, we didn't say it would be a cheap way to win.

Last year, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop included DeLuca in his rankings of the best Warzone players there are out there. At the time, CouRage classed MerK as a second-tier player that could easily climb the ladder. Dunlop said, "Talk about an absolute slayer", and said he'd love to be on a team with MerK and Dennis "Cloakzy" Lepore. To be honest, he probably didn't need Foresight to get his victory. 


As the comments of MerK's video show, the addition of Foresight has been a controversial one. The argument is that recon should be the only way to determine the final circle, not simply a quick purchase to help you get there. There were also all the usual complaints that the game is broken and comments about "So glad I quit". Whatever you think of MerK's tactic, it was one that worked and helped him earn the easiest Warzone win we've ever seen. 



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Images via Joe DeLuca

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