With Warzone Duos being introduced, there will be millions of pairs dropping into Verdansk. Here's how to get a win with your partner.

15:00, 31 May 2020

In recent Call of Duty News, the hugely anticipated Duos mode was added to Modern Warfare. After months of anticipation, you can now jump into Verdansk with your partner and take on other pairs. With the introduction of Modern Warfare Season 4 on June 3rd, Activision has finally added Duos, much to the appreciation of the Warzone community. As Duos has dropped, here’s our Call of Duty tips on how to slay as a pair and get those all-important wins.

Stick as a duo

After months of hammering Activision’s twitter posts to get Duos introduced (we’ve all done it once), don’t take it for granted by not playing as a pair. It can get very tempting to think that your Grau can shred through two players, but the likelihood is that they will be working closely together and you’ll sooner get shredded by both of them rather than get a double kill. Sticking with your partner will give you the best chance of taking other duos out, even if you’re trading a down in the process.

Be careful of building campers.

We all do it, you’re low on armour and your partners in the gulag, you can hear footsteps near you so you find a counter to hide behind. Sounds familiar right? With 74 other teams in Duos, it becomes increasingly likely that people will use buildings for cover. Heartbeat sensors and UAV’s have become increasingly important and sweeping buildings efficiently will help to eliminate those pesky campers. Peeking doors can also help in the respect and knowing checking corners will allow for quick movement through buildings whilst staying safe.

The double loadout trick

Getting two loadouts in Warzone Duos will be crucial. You don’t want to be using the gun variants found in loot boxes, unless it’s of legendary status. You should always save for a loadout as having two customised weapons, alongside the Ghost perk is key. It is common for players to have Overkill on to get two customised weapons, but this leaves you vulnerable to UAV’s and Heartbeat Sensors, meaning you can hit up another loadout to get Ghost too. In Duos, it will be common to come into multiple gunfights, and as Captain Price would say, ‘it’s quicker to swap weapons than reload.’ Meaning having two guns will be very beneficial. It’s also important to have to weapons of different ammunition categories so that you don’t rip through your ammo supply and be short in late games. An Assault Rifle and SMG combo is effective, although you can easily swap in a sniper for either. To get your game set up quickly, you should save for your loadout at the start, where you can get overkill, and wait for the game to drop your second loadout where you can equip Ghost.

Warzone Battle Image 12 Gaspng
Share us with your partner to get synced up | Image via Activision

Get to the ground first

With 75 teams in total, the landing spots will be very hot. Most locations will have multiple teams landing there, so landing quickly and looting up is key. Always land near your partner so you can around to trade bullets and sweep through early engagements. Choose landing spots that you know and plan your loot routes to optimise the number of weapons you come across in search for a good starting loadout. This will allow you to be ready for teams who get aggressive and search for kills, or if you want to hunt down some pairs yourselves.

Watch the gas

This sounds simple, but in Duos, you will often get caught by the gas as other pairs will be posted up gatekeeping players that will be rotating in with the circle. It’s important to not get caught right on the edge of the Gas, as rotations will be difficult. In Duos, it will be best to get to the next circle edge quickly and post up to kill players moving inwards. Recon contracts will help with this too as they reveal the position of the next circle which you can move into, it might be worth completing one of these in the early stages of the game.

These five simple tips will contribute to your game and give you the best chances of winning Duo games.

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Images via Activision

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