Call of Duty could be preparing to overhaul Warzone by destroying Verdansk with nukes as an end of season event in Season 2.

10:38, 26 Feb 2021

Things are heating up in this Cold War, as it looks like it's all change with Call of Duty. The release of the monumental Season 2 has overhauled both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, however, this is just the start of what could be a much bigger event. Although some Warzone players were disappointed the arrival of Season 2 didn't make good on rumours we were about to swap Verdansk out for a whole new battlefield, this hasn't stopped us from looking ahead to what comes next.

Ahead of Season 2's release, there were wild theories it would be dropping into Verdansk alongside a nuke. It all fits together with plans of zombies swarming the map, and while those brain-hungry munchers made a more permanent debut, there was no sign of nuclear war... yet. Are developers still planning on blowing a Verdansk-shaped hole in Warzone with some naughty nukes? Let's look at the evidence.


Will Warzone destroy Verdasnk?

According to VGC, a cataclysmic event is still on the cards, which could see Warzone destroy Verdansk at the end of Season 2. The idea is that we'll return to the 1980s of Black Ops Cold War, which will also help secure ties with the franchise's latest addition. An explosive event similar to Fortnite's "The End" in Season X would help ease the transition between Modern Warfare and Cold War. The site points to the newly discovered nukes as a clear indicator that the end is nigh.

If you're still not convinced change is on the horizon, others have noticed it looks like the Verdansk dam is melting. You might have to find a new way to traverse this stretch of water, after one fan noticed a previously frozen dock has been exposed. Epic Games is used to massively changing its map with each season, and although some of Warzone's tweaks might seem minor, they're undoubtedly working toward a larger arc. Open missile silos, Black Ops terminals, and a zombie-filled shipwreck definitely tease exciting times ahead for full Warzone integration. 


It was no secret that Cold War and Warzone were going to merge, but at the moment, it's been a bit odd seeing the Operators and weapons being shoehorned in around the already established Warzone we've come to know since last March. On the whole, there have been critiques that Rebirth Island has been another tacked-on addition instead of Warzone going full Cold War. The past year has proved the potential of Warzone and undoubtedly helped Activision earn a whopping $3 billion from CoD in the past 12 months. With this in mind, sources told VGC that the publisher now sees Warzone as a "third pillar" alongside Call of Duty Mobile and the yearly "main game" releases.


When will Warzone destroy Verdansk?

A change to the dam?! Is it melting?! from r/CODWarzone

In terms of when we should mark the end of days in our diaries, there's also a handy countdown clock that came with the Season 2 update. All signs point to April 22 as the big day you should run for your fallout shelters. Further hyping what to expect, there are swirling rumours the new Warzone map will be an amalgamation of the various Cold War Fireteam maps. Just like Verdansk is a collage of Modern Warfare's Ground War maps, the new Warzone could be a pick 'n' mix of firm favourites. Added to this, there are reports of maps called Zoo and Weather Station - based on the OG Zoo map and Summit. 


Going against the idea of Modern Warfare bowing out for Cold War is the timing. If Warzone is making way for this young blood, we're surely only months away from the same thing happening again with the mysterious Call of Duty 2021 game? Then again, COVID-19 has pushed everyone's schedules back, and we were tipped to get a Warzone remodelling when Cold War first released in November. After a slow start, it finally sounds like Warzone is thawing out and is ready to reach the potential of an all-out nuclear war. Whatever is going on, it's sure to go off with a bang. 



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