Contracts are a quick way to earn cash, but when should you be activating them, if at all? Here's our guide on when to go start bounties, and become the Most Wanted

19:00, 28 Apr 2020

Warzone Contracts can easily be overlooked, but they can play an integral role in keeping your squad well-funded and one step ahead of enemy teams. Allowing you to start a small mission in return for cash and weapon rewards after completion, Warzone Contracts can reap great rewards, but also put a target on your back. In recent Call of Duty news, the ‘Most Wanted’ bounty was added and then quickly removed from the list of Warzone Contracts, taking the total amount of contracts available to three. Here’s our Warzone Contracts guide with how best to use them in order to get you that all-important dub.

Scavenger Contracts

Scavenger contracts are a quick source of cash. Best used at the start of a game, once activated, the Scavenger contract will generate a series of loot boxes which will contain cash, weapons and possibly armour. Having these in addition to normal loot boxes will allow for more cash to be looted and saved up giving you access to UAVs or Loadouts from the Buy Stations. The scavenger loot boxes will also have progressive rewards, meaning that you will most likely get an uncommon weapon in the first box, a rare weapon in the second and an epic/legendary weapon in the final box alongside a gas mask. Scavenger Contracts are most effective at the start of games, and we would recommend that you land near one to instantly start racking up some quick cash. These can also be effective if you are redeployed from the gulag without any weapons. For building quick cash, these are the best Warzone contracts

Bounty Contracts

Bounties are the worst chocolate bars, no debates. Just like the period of the game where you become a bounty. It is genuinely terrifying but if you can remain in a secluded box you will most probably remain untouched. On the other hand, bounty hunters are cool. Django must be in your top ten films, and who didn’t want to be Boba Fett from Star Wars at one point; although we’re glad that his jet pack didn’t make it’s was to Modern Warfare.

Picking up a bounty contract has good rewards and benefits both aggressive players and reserved players. By revealing one teams location within the map, a bounty contract can only be completed by eliminating the player the bounty is set on. With this your whole team will be rewarded with a large cash boost and another team down on your way to victory. Out of all the Warzone contracts, the bounties are probably the best missions to activate. Even if you are not hunting kills, you can activate one to locate another team on the map which will cause that team to stay in a safe location and not push towards you. The team with a bounty will appear on your map until they are killed, or the time runs out. We would advise activating these at your earliest possibility, but ultimately, they are just as helpful at all stages of the game. For intel on players' location, this is the best Warzone contract.

Recon Contracts

The Recon is the least worthwhile Warzone Contract, although still worth doing if you don’t have any enemies nearby or other contracts. By activating this, it will generate a position nearby which you have to ‘secure’. In the same fashion as capturing a flag in Call of Duty, this recon will be generated and will be secured by standing withing close proximity. Once captured you will be rewarded with armour, weapons, small amounts of cash, and a minimum of one gas mask. This Warzone Contract will be the least rewarding but are still handy to complete if it falls on your looting route. You will also learn the location of the next perimeter of the map where the circle will be. By highlighting the next safe zone in yellow, the Recon contract will give you some handy intel that can help with your movement and rotations. For help with your positioning, Recon contracts are the best Warzone Contract.

Most Wanted – REMOVED

The most wanted target is a chance of redemption for your fallen teammates but is very difficult to survive. By activating the Most Wanted Warzone contracts, you will become a bounty target for all players in remaining in the game. Completion of this contract will bring your dead teammates back to live, meaning they can be redeployed even if they lose in the Gulag. With a maximum save of $13,500, the Most Wanted contract is very rewarding, especially if there is a loadout drop on the way in. By becoming a wanted target though, many teams will be looking to hunt you down, so you better have an incredible hiding spot or use vehicles to move around the map. Teams who eliminate the Most Wanted player will be rewarded in the same way you would by completing a bounty contract, with a lot of cash. It may be worth noting that enemy teams will be rotating towards the most wanted player, so if you are close by you should expect a lot of engagement. The Most Wanted is the most dangerous Warzone contract, and should only be activated by a player who’s entire squad is dead, or teams that want to go to the Gulag. It is likely that this Warzone contract may feature again in the future.

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