Warzone players are channeling their inner Clark kent and launching into super jumps

15:18, 30 Apr 2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a sweaty Roze skin flying across the skies of Verdansk '84 with an FFAR strapped to their back. 

That's the meta in Warzone at the moment, as an insane bug is allowing players to glide from rooftop to rooftop with ease and no guidance from their unlimited parachutes.

Since the Warzone Season 3 update, a range of crazy bugs have crawled out of the surface and webbed their way into the game, poisoning the state of the biggest update to the battle royale yet. Whether it's creepy-crawlies managing to burrow their way underground, King Kong trashing helicopters from atop of invisible buildings, or players slipping through wormholes to their inevitable death, the 'new map' has caused quite a bit of controversy.

Now, this new bug is harnessing the powers of Clark Kent by injecting Roze with enough kryptonite to launch from building to building.

As seen on a viral Reddit clip, user "ThanosBigSnap" was captured slide cancelling through Bloc on their way to complete Adler's Scavenger contract, before turning into Superman and leaping across the rooftop gap.


Usually, players would land atop of the ledge before mantling over the wall to access the rooftop, however, the bug catapulted the player over twice the distance than would normally be possible.

According to the comments section (yes, the proudly reliable Reddit threads), the glitch is completely random but can occur in different parts of the map too. One user said: "The game thinks you're free falling and triggers the animation. I've had it happen on tall buildings where I wasn't jumping off. One time I managed to get it to trigger on a radio antenna and I just circled the antenna over and over in 'free fall'."

The user was caught in complete surprise, although the footsteps of an enemy can even be heard looming underneath him. 


Hopefully, some of the glitches will be banished from existence, with an update looming from Raven Software in the coming week.



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Image via Activision | Marvel

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