Warzone: Blood Money has been introduced back to Modern Warfare, what is Blood Money, and how does it differ from Plunder?

16:20, 18 Aug 2020

Warzone Blood Money has returned to Modern Warfare again, in a recent Call of Duty Update, at the expense of Plunder Trios. Playable as a squad of three, Warzone Blood Money is similar to Plunder in the essence that you still have to collect money and respawns are enabled. But what is Warzone Blood Money, what is the difference between Blood Money and Plunder? We dive in and take a look.

What is Blood Money in Warzone?

Warzone Plunder is a mode where the objective is to loot up as much cash as possible and deposit it through balloons or aircraft. Rather than having the objective of being the last man standing like the Battle Royale mode, the point of plunder is to get as much cash as possible. It is a race to be the first team to gather $1,000,000. Within Plunder you have unlimited respawns, so if you were to be killed you lose a third of the cash that you haven’t deposited. You can read a full guide for Warzone Plunder here.

Blood Money is the same as Plunder, but you are guaranteed money with every kill.

In regular plunder, every time you get a kill the victim will drop a percentage of their cash. However, if the enemy had no expendable cash (if they have deposited everything that they have, or have just spawned in) you would receive nothing. This is where Warzone Blood Plunder differs. It will reward you with cash for every kill, even if you eliminate someone who has nothing, making for a more aggressive style of Plunder with a lot more kills.

Plunder Blood Money

What is the difference between Warzone Plunder and Warzone Blood Money?

Apart from the extra cash per kill, Blood Money doesn’t differ too much from plunder. The game’s objectives are exactly the same and the gameplay only differs with more aggressive playing styles. The main difference is an injected boost of cash which makes these games slightly quicker, and people hunting teams down for more kills. You will also receive more cash for stealth and stylistics, with bigger rewards for completing contracts, and cash boosts for performing finishing moves.

How to win Warzone Blood Money

To win in Blood Money, you have to follow the same principles as in plunder. Land somewhere slightly remote but with a good number of loot boxes. Trial and error your first few places then set on a route that means you can quickly sweep buildings and loot boxes to get your team cash as quickly as possible. Landing with other teams can go either way; you can end up racking up kills and getting a lot of cash, or you can be killed and lose it all. Pick your fights wisely and if you can try and gang up on one person at a time this will benefit you massively.


Once your team has racked up a substantial amount of cash, get it deposited. Try and find a route with a Buy Station along the way and you can get balloons which mean you can deposit $150,000 your money and have that safe. That way you won’t be losing your money if you get pushed by a team. It’s better to use the balloons rather than the aircraft, as they are hot-spots and likely to have a few teams around them lurking for easy kills.

Ultimately, be wary of aggressive players pushing your location by picking a remote location, and don't carry too much cash on you as it is likely teams will come hunting.


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