There's a new sheriff in town, as one Call of Duty: Warzone player has become the game's Anti-Cheat by hunting down cheaters and punishing them.

09:40, 28 Apr 2021

You and your mates squad up, you've got your snacks ready, and you jump into Verdansk '84 for a whole evening playing Call of DutyThe new Warzone looks great, but you turn the corner, and you get sniped out of nowhere - was it an aimbot? Someone else has just clipped under the map, and despite Activision apparently banning nearly 100,000 cheaters, there still a 1-in-7 chance you'll run into one in-game. Suddenly, you've lost your appetite for Victory in Verdansk.

It's a new season and a new era for Call of Duty: Warzone, but that hasn't stopped the issue of cheaters once again nailing Raven Software and Activision to the cross. Even Amos Hodge, Raven Software Creative Director, has had enough. Hodge says Warzone cheaters are running the best work he's ever done, but we doubt that's going to deter them. At the core of the problem, there are continued calls for Activision to install a proper Anti-Cheat. Don't worry, one person has taken it upon themselves to become the game's unofficial Anti-Cheat.


Who is the Warzone Anti-Cheat?

Suiting up as their very own Dark Knight of Verdansk, this player is taking a Batman-inspired vigilante stance to cheaters. Even if they're not branding cheaters with red-hot muzzles, they're making sure cheaters will think twice before they try to exploit Warzone again. Posting on Reddit u/JuuliusCaesar69 showed off an impressive instance of steaming justice - and who said it's best served cold? When they noticed a group of players trying to use the under the map exploit, Juulius followed them and promptly took out the three cheaters. As the cheaters were left as helpless corpses, Juulius then drove their SUV off a cliff for the ultimate middle finger.

The clip has since gone viral on the CODWarzone subreddit. Many applauded the OP for their actions. One wrote, "There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes", while another added, "I’m dying. Take my money. You’re the anti-cheat we deserve". A third said, "Yeeting the SUV into the ocean was a nice touch. Well done fellow gamer". Juulius themselves responded, "Haha I’m not going to lie it felt great. When I see that car heading that way I know what’s going on. These kids did it immediately off spawn too smh". 



Will there be a Warzone Anti-Cheat?

This self-imposed Anti-Cheat has spurred others into action, with players claiming they'll also fight the good fight until Activision decides to. The cheater kill comes in the wake of Activision saying it will expand its Anti-Cheat efforts. Only recently, Activision Publishing President Rob Kostich told GamesBeat, "We have a dedicated security team. We're investing more resources there to make sure we provide the best possible experience for our fans. We have to take action, and also communicate about that, which we're going to do".

It's all well and good, but with each passing day, there are more and more people branding Wazone unplayable. If it isn't actual cheaters or people making the most of the exploits, it's accidental kills and invisible buildings downing helicopters. It seems a little ironic that Hodge said the whole reason the original Verdansk map will never return is because the team largely built from scratch to try and eliminate glitches and exploits. As another without Anti-Cheat passes, at least some of the more moral Warzone players are doing Activision's work for it!



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