Warner Bros. Games Reportedly Being Split Up In Merger Deal

Warner Bros. Games Reportedly Being Split Up In Merger Deal

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Joseph Kime


18th May 2021 09:22

Warner Bros. Games have been driving the hype train for licensed titles recently. Especially their forays into the worlds of DC have been a big point of excitement for fans - the upcoming Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League are notable examples, as well as still working on the likes of Hogwarts Legacy and Back 4 Blood.

The company have also created absolute classics in the past, like the Batman: Arkham series and the modern Mortal Kombat titles. But now, its future is on shaky ground, as a massive business merger could put the company’s outpouring at risk.

What Is The Warner Bros Merger?

Reportedly, Warner Bros games are being split up as part of the announced merger between their parent company AT&T, and Discovery Inc.

AT&T announced on Monday that it would spin the multimedia company into Discovery Inc in order to create a new “premier, standalone global entertainment company” in hopes of taking on the likes of Disney+ and Netflix. It’s a bold position to take for the companies, but it’s one that could well come to the detriment of Warner Bros’ gaming sector.

Warner Bros Games In Danger In Merger Deal
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The company went unmentioned in the announcement by AT&T, but a spokesperson told a reporter at Axios that they’d be broken up as part of the merger. Stephen Totilo, gaming journalist, recounts the conversation on Twitter - “Some of the gaming arm will stay with AT&T and some will go with the new company”.

The future of WB Games and its subsidiaries has been launched into uncertainty, and with developers like RockSteady, TT Games and NetherRealm under their watch, there’s a lot more to lose than just a few licensed titles. Only time will tell if the company is in any real danger, but we hope that they can survive this huge shift.


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