Vikkstar Lashes Out At Raven Software Over Warzone Tournament Hacking

Vikkstar Lashes Out At Raven Software Over Warzone Tournament Hacking

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Joseph Kime


19th May 2021 13:53

Hacking has been a massive problem in Warzone almost as long as it has existed. It’s something that’s bothered many players throughout the game’s life so far, plaguing battle royale lobbies with players that score unfair kills on opponents using any methods to boost their XP. Wallhacks, stim glitches and more have forced the Warzone community growth to a halt, and fans have just about had enough of hackers that not even routine patches can stop. And now, as it spreads across competitive play, one popular streamer has just about had enough.


Vikkstar Calls Out Warzone Devs Over Hackers

During his Warzone Showdown 2.0 tournament, Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Barn, was forced to deal with hackers and cheaters throughout and elected to take the fight straight to Raven Software themselves. In a tweet, he comes for the Warzone team and demands change.

“Ran into several blatant hackers today while competing and was killed by a player that had glitched underneath the map during Grand Finals. I have to be honest with you @CallofDuty @RavenSoftware this is becoming incredibly tiring. I’m sure other competitors feel the same way.”

Vikkstar’s competition ran alongside Nadeshot’s massive $100,000 invitational league, but even so, to have to contend with cheaters and hackers in your own game must be immensely frustrating. Especially in a game that Vikkstar has played consistently since its launch, and he has used to make a name for himself, it’s a huge deterrent for him and many others.

Vikkstar Calls Out Raven Software For Warzone Hacking
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“I run into the same number on a DAILY basis on Warzone” he continues. “As for the glitch underneath the map, that’s been in the game for weeks now. It isn’t good enough.”

Fingers crossed that outcries from high-profile players like Vikkstar can bring about some serious change for the game. Warzone for many has been unplayable for some time, and not even the huge season three update or incremental patches have done enough to keep out cheaters. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and pushes Raven and Activision to finally do more.


Images via London Royal Ravens | Vikkstar

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