After leaving the Overwatch league, babybay is finally establishing himself in the VALORANT scene.

18:00, 10 Mar 2021

Following their dominant first place finish in the VCT North America 2021 - Challengers Three tournament, FaZe Clan look like a scary team heading into the first VCT Masters and with star player Andrej “babybay” Francisty playing at his peak form so far in VALORANT, many teams will be hoping to avoid them heading into bracket play.

His time in the Overwatch League

babybay first made a name for himself in Overwatch playing in open qualifiers in season one for orgless pick up teams playing in qualifiers before there was even an Overwatch League to play for. During these qualifiers, his teams very rarely managed to make it far and almost inevitably lost out to more well established rosters with organisational backing. However, like many players with humble beginnings, babybay’s individual performances didn’t go unnoticed, and he quickly found himself competing on higher level teams such as Kungarna, Ghost Gaming and Splyce.

During his time on these teams it was clear from the start that he was destined for bigger things, winning multiple weekly cups whilst competing on Kungarna and Splyce as the main DPS player on the rosters.


Although, unfortunately for these teams, when the time came for him to step up to the next level of competition, babybay jumped at the opportunity and was picked up by the San Francisco Shock where he once again picked up the mantle of main DPS player. Whilst the team didn’t see much success early on, it was clear for all fans that babybay’s mechanical aim was at an insane level and when it came to why the team wasn’t winning he definitely wasn’t the man to blame. Popping off on heroes such as Widowmaker and McCree, two very highly skill dependent heroes, it appeared that babybay had to carry a lot of the responsibility in the team of leading them to victories.

Unfortunately by the time the Shock began to see their most success beginning in the 2019 Stage one playoffs, babybay had been replaced on the active roster and was left to watch his team make a miraculous run to the stage one finals losing out to the number one seeded Vancouver Titans 4-3 in the finals.


Following the 2019 season, it was clear to babybay that his time on the Shock was over, with young DPS star Jay “Sinatraa” Won now being the main man for the team. babybay signed with the Atlanta Reign for the 2020 season in hopes that he could regain prominence in the scene and help lead the Reign roster to glory. However, this wasn’t to be and with the Overwatch League seemingly struggling and marquee names such as Sinatraa leaving the game, babybay took the decision to call it quits playing the game he rose to fame on, seeking greener pastures on VALORANT.

Joining FaZe Clan

Without batting an eyelid, when the opportunity to sign such a mechanically gifted player as babybay arose for FaZe Clan, they didn’t pass up on the offer and without even having to prove himself in the game, babybay found himself on one of the biggest gaming organisations in the world. Early on, the roster struggled to find its feet, with the majority former Overwatch players clearly having the skill, however lacking the game sense in the FPS tactical shooter genre. 

Although, after picking up a coach and spending a lot of time practising, improving their knowledge of the game, the results began to come for the roster. FaZe began to qualify for tournaments, taking down teams such as NRG and earning a couple of second place finishes only losing out to TSM and Sentinels, arguably two of the top three teams in the game at the time.


VCT Challengers two

After a disappointing challengers two cup in which they finished seventh/eighth, fans were unsure what to expect from the FaZe roster. However after a convincing 2-0 win over T1 in the upper bracket quarter-finals, it became clear that this was a different team to last week, and they meant business. During this series, babybay put up monster numbers, achieving 44 kills during the series with an ACS of 268, the highest in the server in both categories.


During their semi-finals matchup against NRG, it was a closer game for FaZe, winning the series 2-1, with babybay once again making his presence felt in the series, dropping the most ACS and kills in the server once again. 


By this point, FaZe were in top gear and unfortunately for Luminosity, they felt the full force, unable to reach double digit rounds on either map of the 2-0 series. Whilst Corey “corey” Nigra was the MVP of the series for FaZe, babybay was characteristically still filling up the stats sheet, finishing the series with a 1.26 rating, according to and a 1.31 K/D, still showing up massively when needed.

Heading into the finals with a one map advantage already, the odds were stacked in FaZe Clan’s favour up against 100 Thieves and they hammered home that advantage, dismantling the thieves to take the series 3-0 and securing the fifth seed headed into Masters. Babybay secured player of the week honours by achieving a 1.75 rating in the finals, 347 ACS, and a 2.13 K/D. These far exceeded anyone else in the lobby, to the point he could’ve almost single-handedly been named player of the week regardless of the rest of his performances and for that reason babybay is the VCT player of the week.

Images via Logitech | Kungarna | FaZe Clan

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