Valve 'Possibly Working On A Steam Handheld Console' Called Steampal

Valve 'Possibly Working On A Steam Handheld Console' Called Steampal

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Mel Ramsay


25th May 2021 10:08

Valve could be re-entering the console space with a product called 'Steampal'.

Data miner, Pavel Djundik, has reported that Valve’s 'Neptune' Controller has shown up in the latest Steam Client Beta again, and it's called SteamPal, alongside something else called 'SteamPal Games'. He added: "This update also added a "quick access menu" and a "power menu" I have a feeling all these strings related to "Neptune". Is Valve making a handheld Steam console?"

"There's also something called "Callisto Developer Program", he later Tweeted. 

What has Gabe Newell Said About A Steam Console?

In a recent interview that appears to have been held at Santa Maria College, he gave a cryptic answer to a students request during a Q&A session. When asked if any Steam games will be ported to consoles or if the games will be staying on PC, Newell stated: "You will get a better idea of that by the end of this year," adding: "It won't be the answer that you expect" after a short pause. 

Is There Going To Be A New Steam Console?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the possibility that Valve themselves could be re-entering the console market in some form is an exciting one. The steam controller, Steam Machine, and SteamOS have been products available since November 2015, so it seems around the right time for them to re-enter the space. Especially with the runaway success of handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch dominating sales. 

What Do Fans Have To Say About The News?

The potential of a new handheld console has split fans' opinions. One person said: "That's not gonna end well. Remember last time?". With one person replying: "Yup. Especially considering hundreds of devs (like me) will need to work on retroactively porting their games to this handheld's set-up if they want in, since everyone will just ASSUME their games will work on it." However, others were excited, with one saying: "YOOOO NO WAY". 

Either way, we're gearing up for a very exciting announcement. 


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