Valve Has Finally Given Steam Deck A Release Date

Valve Has Finally Given Steam Deck A Release Date
Images: Valve

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Joseph Kime


27th Jan 2022 10:02

Valve's Steam Deck is a bizarre case when it comes to the market competition of console gaming. Or should we say, PC gaming. The Steam Deck - despite looking like it could genuinely offer a whole new way to experience PC gaming on the go - has surprisingly not made much impact on the wider hardware world yet. 

It's not particularly hyped up with the masses yet, but those that know know, and there's anticipation that the console could truly extend an olive branch to console gamers everywhere. It has critics asking whether, PC gaming could be for them after all. And finally, we know when the Deck itself is coming out.

What Is The Steam Deck Release Date?

After entering release date limbo, Valve has finally revealed the date for when we can expect to get our hands on the Steam Deck. According to the Valve blog, it has been confirmed that the console will go on sale starting February 25, 

It isn't just as simple as wandering into Argos and grabbing one, though - customers who already have reservations will receive an email on that day - giving them a three-day window in which to order the console itself. There will be new waves of invites every week, meaning that if you have a reservation, don't be too upset if you don't get your email on the first day.

It's nice to see the Steam Deck get its release date after hanging in the middle for so long, and that those who have reserved it will get first dibs - but that means you're going to have to reserve one for yourself.

How Do You Reserve A Steam Deck?

In order to reserve your Steam Deck, you'll need to sign into Steam and head to the Steam Deck page, choosing which model and bundle you want - but frankly, you're likely to be waiting a while. This console has been a long time coming, and people are very excited, so you'll have to get in at the back of the queue.

The Steam Deck could be a huge, huge deal - and we're looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. If you're a fan of the Portal or Half-Life games, you're in luck.


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