Creative VALORANT players have crafted a jousting mode on the ACT III map, Icebox.

13:03, 15 Oct 2020

VALORANT players hath foundeth a way to travel back in time to the medieval era and joust to the death on the new Icebox map.

With the launch of VALORANT Act III on October 13, Icebox landed as the newest map alongside a range of cargo boxes scattered across the snowy glacial factory. Inside bombsite A, players can find a zipline that stretches across the room. It has only taken two days before players have turned VALORANT into a festival celebrating the finest knights of the game.

Some players have started using the zipline to hold their own jousting tournaments, where players will start on either side and use their knives as lances to kill their opponent and be crowned champion. 


New Game Mode on Icebox : Zipline Jousting from r/VALORANT

As you can see, the round is started with either Breach's flash or Sova's arrow, which will commence the joust. Players then take to the rope and charge toward their opponent. The savvy play differs from a typical joust where horses will circle around the fence, with VALORANT's version being more tactical and a battle of trigger timing. 

Opponents can be seen going one versus one, however, they also have another variant planned which will see "the whole team lined up on the zip line and the first team to get to the other side wins", making this fun for the whole lobby.

Act III kicked off on October 13, and in addition to the new Icebox map, players can also access a brand new battle pass, stunning skins, and can prepare for the release of a new Agent later this month.

Grab your helms and trusty stallions next time you venture through Icebox.


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Image via Riot Games

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