VALORANT Developers, Riot Games, is working on fixing bugs where players are playing repeated maps.

12:27, 14 Sep 2020

A single game of VALORANT can take up to 78 minutes - if every round hit the maximum length - although the majority of games just about surpass the half an hour mark. With just four maps available at the moment (Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split), playing the same map in repeated games can make the gameplay become increasingly tedious. Yes, it is good to understand each map like the back of your hand, however, without having a fair share of maps, you can often be outsmarted on the ones you favour the least, which is less than enjoyable.

VALORANT players have noticed that they are often facing repeated maps, being placed into queues and lobbies of which they have just come out of. This appears to be a bug, which is repeating the map that you played last. 

Riot Games has confirmed it will be fixing this so players can have a fresh experience within every game. 

Developer Joe Ziegler, or RiotZiegler as he goes by on social media, has tweeted, stating: "We're working on a solution to make the map selector less likely to RNG you into the same map over and over".

This means players won't be playing Bind all night, dropping into all four maps. 

Fans have still called for some more maps to be introduced though, to stop each map from becoming stale. Similar FPS shooters, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has 18 maps across its entirety, and even more recent games such as Rogue Company (the closed beta launched in July 2020) has eight maps for players to navigate through.

Whether maps will be included in VALORANT in the near future is yet to be seen, with the intricacy of the designs being paramount to the gameplay. Even still, at least you won't be playing the same one map for endless hours anymore. 


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Image via Riot Games

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