The Winter Wonderland VALORANT Christmas Skins have been unveiled.

11:36, 09 Dec 2020

Its the most wonderful time of the year, and Riot Games are preparing to deck the halls of Haven for VALORANTs first Christmas. Rounding off the first year of the game's existence, Riot has pulled out all the stops by introducing the Winter Wonderland range of weapon skins, and they're snow laughing matter. 

German content creator, "aSmoogl", showcased the brand new skins on YouTube, which offer a spectral glow and a snow globe-like effect that will show a winter's paradise inside the weapon. With the feeling that you are looking straight through the weapon, these skins are akin to the Nebula range that was released earlier this year but with a festive spin. 

VALORANT Winter Wonderland Christmas Skins

The Winter Wonderland skins are also reactive and will change dependant on the time of day that your game is in. Whether the setting of your map is within the daytime or nighttime will determine the colour of the skin.

Throughout daylight, the Winter Wonderland skins will have a fluorescent ice white tint that will feel as if you're wielding a deadly icicle. When darkness transcends, the weapons will appear to be much warmer with a yellow glow coming from the houses and the green outline giving out a sense that the icicle is melting with the warmth of fires coming through the chimneys of the merry village.

VALORANT Winter Wonderland Christmas Skins

The Winter Wonderland range is set to become available for the Ghost, Phantom, Vandal, Marshall, and Melee weapons, although the latter will have a different set of options. As for the melee weapon, the bundle will offer a range of candy canes that can be used to impale foes up close. Coming in a range of colours, players are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Hopefully, Riot has a dentist on standby.


Coming to VALORANT as of December 15, the Winter Wonderland skins will cost 1,775 VP each unless you opt for the Melee weapon which is twice as expensive at 3,550 VP. 


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Image via Riot Games

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