Check out the latest info on VALORANT's progression system

12:06, 06 Mar 2020

Riot Games’ upcoming tactical shooter VALORANT is the hottest topic in gaming right now, and with every new piece of information, it excites us more and more.

The latest info is from an IGN Benelux YouTube video, explaining the progression system, and how Valorant will allow the player to unlock items through missions. Check it out below;


There will be numerous ways to progress, as well as the recently announced Battle Pass. These include progression through Agent ranks, with new abilities and items being unlocked as a maximum of ten ranks are earned. If a player unlocks all ten ranks for each character, you will receive “access to all the free cosmetics”, which will include weapon skins and charms, but no character skins for the time being.

Each Agent will have their own missions, earning them in-game currency upon completion. Some of these missions will not free and will need to be purchased “with Riot points.”

Ranked Mode

Valorant will reportedly be getting a Ranked mode in late 2020, with the same ranks as League of Legends, starting at Iron and capping at Challenger.

We can’t wait to see what Riot Games comes up with for the Agent missions, Ranked modes and more. Stay tuned to GGRecon for any and all updates.

Images via Riot Games

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