From cringe-worthy to toxic, the VALORANT voice lines have it all.

20:00, 29 Apr 2020

VALORANT is taking over the gaming world. Riot Games’ new 5v5 FPS tactical shooter may only be in Closed Beta, with the full release expected in Summer 2020, but the sheer amount of hype the game is getting the globe over is mind-blowing. Its success is due in part to the characters; the Agents of VALORANT. This multicultural, multi-talented bunch are capturing hearts and minds, but the voice lines leave much to be desired.

VALORANT fans are freaking out about the Agents voice lines all over the internet. Some are just cringe, others are being deemed ‘toxic’, but whichever way you look at it; the voice lines are not 100%. The community has pointed out via Twitter, on more than on occasion, that the voice lines currently in the Beta version of the game, may promote “bad manners” during gameplay, as well as some of them just being plain embarrassing to listen to.

Let’s examine just a few of the Agents and their voice lines in more detail.


VALORANT Phoenix Voice Lines

British Agent Phoenix is a typical Londoner (complete with the accent) and seems to take inspiration from inner-city youth dialect. He’s cool yet brash, and his voice lines are some of the best in the game. Phoenix’s powers are fire-related, and his lines certainly reflect that.

All I need are these hands, and this fire.

From telling his opponents to “sit down” to several instances of self-asserting laughter and being generally cocky about his victories (“I’m kinda feeling myself right now”); Phoenix is one of the characters that Riot got right.

Check out the video below to hear ALL of Phoenix’s currently recorded voice lines.


VALORANT Jett Voice Lines

Agility expert Jett is a Korean Agent, specialising in fast movements and visibility-blocking smoke bombs. So far in the history of the VALORANT Closed Beta, she’s proven a bit of a fan-favourite character for players, however, her voice lines are getting roasted on Twitter due to their cringe-worthy nature.

Interestingly, the content in the above tweet also seems to irritate the Jett voice actress herself…

Shannon Williams (known as ArrumieShannon on her active Twitch channel) is the voice actress for Jett and was caught on her own Twitch stream getting annoyed when one of her voice lines was triggered in the game. It’s honestly pretty hilarious and shows that it’s not just the fans who think the voice lines are mega cringe.

When it comes to the toxicity some players are noticing, Jett doesn’t disappoint on that front either.

In in-game scenarios where Jett eliminates the last remaining enemy, her voice line is “there you are, you little s**t”. Some members of the VALORANT community aren’t too happy with this and go as far as to say that it promotes BMs.

Surprisingly, Shannon Williams has addressed this on Twitch too! The Jett voice actress herself revealed she ad-libbed that line, and it was kept in by the Riot Games devs. As she says herself in the below clip, the scripted lines given to her were very PG, and she spontaneously recorded the line, which made it to the game.


VALORANT Omen Voice Lines

Omen’s origins are unknown, but the shadow-casting international man of mystery has some cool voice lines that the VALORANT player base are enjoying, as well as the overall timbre of his voice.

As one might assume, Omen appears to be an intelligent yet cryptic Agent, and at one point takes his nerveless demeanour to a whole new philosophical level, asking healer Agent Sage;

Sage, the life you give... Do you ever wonder where it’s taken from?

Are the current VALORANT voice lines going to be re-recorded or new ones added for the full release of the game? We can only hope so. 

Images via Riot Games

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