Riot Games has confirmed VALORANT Agent Skye will be live and kicking in time for First Strike qualifiers.

11:08, 23 Oct 2020

There's some fresh blood coming to VALORANT as Riot Ganes prepares to release Skye to the masses. The next Initiator Agent is preparing to burst out of her box and make her mark on the acclaimed first-person shooter. The 13th Agent has already been given plenty of attention with her own trailer, but as Skye's debut edges closer, we're getting to learn a little more about this red-haired heroine.

The big question surrounding VALORANT Agent Skye is when she'll be esports ready. In other Riot games like League of Legends, new characters are usually kept out of competitive circuits for a while. This way, devs can iron out any kinks and make sure tournaments aren't negatively affected. There's good news when it comes to Skye, as Riot confirms she'll be ready and raring to go ahead of First Strike qualifiers. 

How will VALORANT Agent Skye fit into First Strike?

Skye is landing in VALORANT on October 27, leading to questions over whether she'll be included in the upcoming First Strike qualifiers. Posting on Twitter, Riot confirmed she'll be part of the Agent list on November 9. Added to this, devs said the new Icebox map will also be ready ahead of tournament rotation on November 24.

This means that (bugs aside) Skye will wait two weeks before altering the game's meta. Looking at the bigger picture, this new way of doing things should translate to future Agents and maps too. In theory, new Agents will be ready for the esports scene after two weeks in ranked, while new maps will have to wait for a month.

Why is First Strike so important?

Following Riot using the Ignition Series to enter the esports fray, the First Strike tournament is a milestone moment as the first time Riot will host its very own VALORANT event. As for Icebox being the fifth map, it could mean VALORANT will take a leaf out of Overwatch's book and turn to a "best of five" format. 


When it comes to VALORANT Agent Syke, we've already seen some hints of her abilities as the Australian fighter steps out of the shadows. We've been given a nod to her heritage with a dingo-like animal heading out and attacking rivals. Either way, it's almost time to reach for the skies with Syke and welcome her to the VALORANT esports scene.


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Images via Riot Games

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