Riot Games Speaks Out About Running Accuracy In VALORANT

Riot Games Speaks Out About Running Accuracy In VALORANT

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Jack Marsh


29th Jan 2021 10:53

Riot Games must be commended for the way they are balancing VALORANT whilst at such a young age, rather than going gung-ho with more exciting projects. Their aim seems to be to build the strongest foundation possible, and it will see the game soar in popularity and build a solid base for the esports scene to grow.

Despite having pipelines probably overflowing with new and exciting content, Riot has been focusing on balancing what is already in the game, most recently grabbing the construction helms and rebuilding the map "Split".

Earlier this month, Riot also claimed that they will be making some changes to the running weapon accuracy after ongoing complaints from a large majority of players. With the FPS game intended to be a calculated and tactical battle of wits and precision, players have so far been running around like a bull in a China shop - and successfully.

It now seems like these changes are on their way in the next update, with Senior Designer Joe Walker and Senior Producer Ian Fielding speaking on the Ask VALORANT site. They stated: "We have some changes planned for Patch 2.02 that should help address the sentiment on running accuracy with rifles."

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"The changes won't drastically change the mechanics straight away, and will possibly require even further adjustments in future updates." The developers continued to say "Keep in mind, we're making sure not to change too many systems at once to ensure that shooting doesn't feel so dramatically different that you’ll have to relearn habits. As always, we'll keep an eye on the change and will continue to adjust as necessary".

VALORANT Episode 2 Act III is still some time off, with Act II and Yoru only just landing.

However, it may be worth slowing your gameplay down somewhat and getting used to some more long-ranged weapons to get one step ahead of the competition.


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