One violent VALORANT player pulls off a daring move and kills an entire squad using just Raze's paint shells.

14:47, 11 Feb 2021

"Bomb buddy out."

- Raze

Raze comes as one of the most dynamic and quite literally explosive agents in Riot Games' VALORANT. Since the beta released in April 2020, Raze has continued to be one of the more consistent offensive agents, capable of locking down lanes and mixing up the chaos all in one round. 

She especially shines on tight-knit maps, such as Split, where the narrow corridors often become an orange-tinted graveyard - especially with her Paint Shells and Showstopper abilities that will ignite a game in an instant. In this instance, the game was extinguished rather than ignited, as one Raze main managed to get an ace with her singular nade, emaciating the entire enemy team in a split second. 

Reddit user u/fdf06 showcased his clip on the official VALORANT subreddit, where he was able to use the cover of smoke to sneak up close to the enemy team and send them a cheeky tangerine package without even seeing another person. 



How did the VALORANT player use Raze's paint shells?

Raze Nade Ace - Not a single enemy seen. from r/VALORANT

Credit goes to the enemy team, who all couldn't decide which person should jump on the nade to provide cover, instead all opting to do it together and go down in flames as a unified squad. 

What makes this clip special, is the fact it's the opening round. The Raze has no knowledge of previous enemy patterns. Instead, he uses good game management and intuition to expect a push through the alleyway, and upon noticing a horde of elephant footsteps, decides to throw everything at them. 


As for the fallen foes, it wouldn't be surprising if a few PC plugs were pulled. This horror show of an opening round definitely set the tone for a torrid day of VALORANT gaming.



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Image via Riot Games

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