Someone has 'de-Cyphered' a workaround

11:20, 30 Jul 2020

Those crafty VALORANT  players are at it again and one fan thinks they've found an easy VALORANT hack to complete weekly missions.

The weekly mission of using 200 abilities might seem like a daunting one, but fear not, it looks like there's a way around this one to complete it in just a fraction of the time

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take the VALORANT mods long to try and pull this one down. That being said, here's how it works. Using Cypher, there's a chance to spam abilities in the buy phase. Better yet, they count toward the 200 abilities needed to completely the weekly mission.


Trick To Complete 'Use 200 Abilities' Weekly In 1 Game from r/VALORANT

Although Patch 1.04 improved Cypher's quality-of-life and added the perk of players picking up Cypher Cages dropped during the buy phase, it also slipped in this unintended hack that's now being exploited to its full potential. 

For quickest results, head into Spike Rush and spam Q and F until the match starts. Voila, you should see those abilities soon pile up and you'll reach the 200 goal in no time at all.


Admittedly, using 200 abilities isn't exactly the hardest mission VALORANT has to offer, and can usually be ground through in a couple of days of solid effort. That being said, it can cause a problems for casual players who like to just dip in and out every now and then.

Daily and weekly missions in VALORANT are a great way to rack up some impressive XP, and while daily ones are usually pretty easy, it's the weekly ones that are leaving some stumped. Although Cypher was already a popular choice of Agent, the latest reveal might cause gamers to look at him in a completely different way.

Now that Riot devs have been presumably alerted to the workaround, it probably won't be around for much longer. Especially if people keep telling players how to do it.

Images via Riot Games

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