VALORANT have implemented several changes in 1.02.

14:50, 23 Jun 2020

The VALORANT team have released the patch notes for Update 1.02, and boy, is there a lot to get into. From Competitive Mode finally going live this patch, to Agent buffs and nerfs, Riot Games have pulled out all the stops with 1.02.

Competitive Mode

Competitive Mode will be made available during this patch, with some changes since the mode last appeared in the Closed Beta. The icons are now updated BACKLINK and the top rank is now named 'Radiant'. Playing with friends is about to become a whole lot easier, as the skill disparity range is now expanded. 

VALORANT Update 1.02
Ranked Iconography

Map Updates

There are several updates concerning adjustments to all maps. Check them all out (plus images of the changes) below.


  • Garage Doors
  • Entrance to C Long on Attacker Side
  • Cover in A Lobby restructured to open up the space which allows for additional sight lines and traversal options
  • C Link
  • A Link
  • The Entrance to A Sewer and the bottom of A Sewer
VALORANT Update 1.02


  • Defender spawn entrance
  • Attacker side of A Main (Including a self-boost to gain an additional angle to peek A Main as an attacker)
  • Garden entrance
VALORANT Update 1.02


  • A Bath entrance
  • B Teleporter Exit and B Window entrance
VALORANT Update 1.02


  • Defender Spawn
VALORANT Update 1.02

Agent Updates



Viper has received a pretty substantial buff to her abilities, starting with Toxic Screen. 

  • Toxic Screen - now burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid locations (e.g., the ground) over its length.
  • Snake Bite - taking damage will make a player fragile for a short time

    - Fragile is a debuff that increases damage taken


    Note: the total damage is unchanged (the damage is lowered, but fragile increases it - it all evens out)

  • Poison Orb - activation cooldown increased :: .5s >>> 6s

The ability changes to Jett and Reyna seem to deal with balance issues regarding Phoenix's "Run It Back" which many see as overpowered in the current meta.


  • Blade Storm - now refreshes when used to kill Phoenix during Run It Back.


  • Soul Orbs - are now spawned when Reyna kills Phoenix during Run It Back.


  • Fixed an issue where Spycam blocked Spike defusal
  • Fixed an issue where players could place a Cyber Cage on a Trapwire
  • Added prevention for Spycam going through teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from the outside
VALORANT Update 1.02

Quality of Life

VALORANT have added the much-need Early Surrender option. You can now opt to surrender out of a match ahead of the match’s completion if you do not want to continue playing. You can call an early surrender vote by typing: “/ff” “forfeit” “concede” or “surrender”. An early surrender vote requires all present players on the surrendering team to vote ‘yes’ to pass, you can vote via “/yes” or “/no” along with the settings F5 and F6 (defaults).


The VALORANT patch notes also include some minor gun changes to Bucky, some menu UI changes, and adjustments to the HUD which can be read here.


Images via Riot Games

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