VALORANT Masters: Berlin Playoffs: The Awkward Knights Of The Round Table

VALORANT Masters: Berlin Playoffs: The Awkward Knights Of The Round Table
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Jack Marsh


17th Sep 2021 10:03

When the cookie crumbles, the Gambit’s come to roost first, rather than the Crazy Raccoons, as the last seat at the tea party is snatched up by Europe’s most entertaining smugglers.

Taking a seat at the round table, on Gambit’s left is a stone-cold Sentinel, whose crimson red armour has been patched up following a blow to its torso. The Medusa-like face of the Sentinel sits in remote silence, breaking bread and staring piercingly at the Samurai across the table. Glistening with a long sword and showing off an oddly blood-red stain on its blade, the aura of the Samurai paints over the war-torn face, especially the scar above their eye. For a moment, the Sentinel and Samurai lock eyes, before the latter simply stirs a plane noise in their face before reinforcing their bravado to a googly-eyed striker with great vision.

The Vision Striker sits admiring the Samurai on their right, but whilst the water over their eye makes them look awe-struck, the second layer reveals a more calculated and judgemental glance, analysing their every move. Whilst their demeanour at the table may be one that is smaller than the rest, they’re the wisest and the brightest, more Gandalf than the Dwarves.

Whilst one sits with a stir of knowledge, another is tucking into their soup with Envy. The mahogany table, covered in the finest array of starters to start the feast fit for a king, suddenly turns a deep blue as Envy’s brows begin to sharpen.

To their annoyance, across the table and next to the Sentinel, one attendee sat higher than the rest, Acend-ed atop of a taller seat. To his right, an accompanying Kru-member said “See, Ned, they’re not that scary.”

The seven figures sunk the finest Berlin ale and broke into the spicy sausages as one seat remained tilted on its back legs against the wall. Amid the singing, the clashing of Steins, celebrations began to fade. A strange rumbling was coming from the castle doors. Footsteps. A lot of them.

Tankards were dropped and weapons drawn, as the door was smashed off its hinges and 100 Thieves burst through the hole in the wall.

The battle of Berlin commenced, and only one will walk away victorious.

Will it be the brazened Thieves? Will the bravado of the G2 Samurai turn be complimented by performance? Or will it be the wise and wonderful Vision Striker to outsmart their opponents?

The VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters: Berlin, is reaching its climax, and the action is heating up.

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VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters: Berlin Playoffs Bracket

The eight teams qualified through the group stages will now feature in a single-elimintaion bracket.

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Quarter Finals:

Vision Strikers vs Gambit

The two polar opposites of VALORANT playstyles will collide first. Vision Strikers, notorious for calculation, precision, and execution, will be matched against Europe's most brazen, aggressive, and chaotic team. Both playstyles will counteract the other, making this one of the most anticipated games.

G2 Esports vs KRU Esports

KRU will look to make the biggest upset of the weekend and take down G2 Esports who have quickly become one of the favourites for the championship after being the first team to take down Sentinels on LAN.

100 Thieves vs Acend

Here, the tale as old as time will unfold. North America versus Europe. Two heavyweights will collide. 100 Thieves with their much-mentioned LAN experience will attempt to shut down arguable Europe's best player and his supporting cast.

Envy vs Sentinels

After finally being shown not to be untouchable, Envy will look to capitalise on Sentinel's wounds, challenging them mentally to see how much resilliance they truly have. To end the day, expect fireworks.

The VCT Masters: Berlin will kick off on September 17 at 12pm CEST.


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