Having previously split fans' thoughts down the middle, this rework has fixed all the problems.

12:26, 22 Jan 2021

Split, for all of its displeasure, has to be commended for having the most metaphorical name in VALORANT. Almost making to Haven, which is literal of its namesake for VALORANT players, Split has torn the fan base down the middle, with a large majority of players hating every second of gameplay on the map.

Having some outrageous hiding places for players to camp within, it's gameplay was often criticised for being too slow and impossible to manoeuvre through with so many angles being needed to check and its ease for a defensive team to hold down the sites.

However, recognising the divisive nature of Split, Riot Games has opted to give it a huge rework. With thirteen rather significant changes, Split has undergone surgery that can only make the map more enjoyable. 

VALORANT Map Split Reworked
Image via Riot Games

Many of the changes that have come include reducing sly cubby holes for people to camp and ambush attackers. Eliminating some 50-50 choices when sweeping areas, Riot has made Split much more feasible and competitive. 

A full list of changes is as follows...

  • Increased the width of the B Main doorway
  • An additional trash pile placed in the corner at B Main doorway to prevent defenders from hiding in too deep a nook
  • Increased Spike plant zone boundary at B, with the adjustment of the corner steps
  • New material stack for cover in B Site that allows you to isolate angles more effectively
  • Reduced depth of wooden bi-fold doors corner to allow pushing into defender spawn with more safety
  • Removed cubby near defender spawn (B-side) to allow pushing through this area more safely
  • Increased the width of the Vent Room entrance
  • Added a sloped wall in the Vent Room, which removes a 50/50 check when entering Vents from Mid
  • Simplified the Ramen/Scuttle Crab area
  • Reduce depth of cubby in Sewer to allow pushing through this space more safely
  • Increased the width of the doorway to A Tower and reduced safety of defenders in A Tower
  • Adjusted the angle of the sloped wall near A-site
  • Adjusted wall depth near Screens at A, which allows you to move out of Screens more safely without the use of utility
VALORANT Map Split Reworked
Image via Riot Games

Will these changes make Split much better? Early feedback suggests so, although it may just be the freshness speaking. Let's see if it can stand that test of time.



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Image via Riot Games

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