VALORANT players will be able to request their favourite gun in-game

18:00, 02 Mar 2020

Riot Games upcoming hero-based tactical 5v5 shooter VALORANT is causing a buzz in the gaming world, which has only gotten louder with the recent release of alpha gameplay footage.

IGN posted the gameplay from Riot on March 2nd, showing sneak peeks of everything from character abilities to gun variants, to maps. We also got a preview of a gun-request system with one member of the 5-player team asking for the rifle “Phantom” from one of their teammates.

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Could this titbit of info lead to a bigger reveal of a ping system? Battle Royale’s Apex Legends and Fortnite both implement a ping system, a way of non-verbal communication between teammates. With this system, you can use your controller or keyboard to announce several different threats or requests. Although VALORANT is not a Battle Royale, it could still benefit from pings such as “rush objective”, “defend” or “enemy spotted”.

Only time will tell whether VALORANT will feature any more request systems other than guns (perhaps asking for shields will also be included). But we’ll bring you more information as and when we get it.

Images via Riot Games

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