New leaks reveal what Riot Games is planning with the VALORANT Episode Two Battle Pass and some Russian-themed content.

12:13, 04 Jan 2021

Riot Games is powering ahead with its plans for VALORANT as the first-person shooter gears up for Episode Two. With its launch in June 2020, VALORANT quickly cashed in on our current obsession with fps games and joined the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. Riot was already known for the runaway success of League of Legends, but decided to try something new in 2020. 

While VALORANT has had its pros and cons in its first year, developers are teasing what's on the horizon for the highly anticipated Episode Two. Alongside the tease of a new Agent known as Yuru, most players are dying to know how the Episode Two Battle Pass will work.


VALORANT Episode Two Battle Pass: What's the leak?

[LEAK] Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass/New Skins from r/VALORANT

Shared on Reddit by u/BirdBoyfriend, a video that showed off how the Battle Pass will work. The 50 levels of the Battle Pass include an impressive array of weapons and skins. A highlight is a green and gold skin that will give the Bulldog, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom new looks. There are also graffiti skins for the Bucky, Shorty, Operator, and Odin. 

Elsewhere, new gun buddies include adorable salt and pepper shakers, a giraffe, and a bug wielding a knife. More advanced levels include a samurai head and Icebox buddy. All of the above should be taken with a grain of salt until Riot Games gives the official nod, however, it should be noted that the original poster was seemingly on the money with a previous leak of Yoru.



VALORANT Episode Two Battle Pass: What else is there?

There's plenty of new cosmetic additions, while players can also earn some much-needed Radiante points to help upgrade their skins. However, not everyone was impressed. One wrote, "The current battlepass is the only one I've really tried hard to finish. Next one doesn't impress besides finally getting some animations on the skins", while another grumbled, "Yeah honestly not a fan of this BP, but to each his own". 

The ultimate reward from the 50-tier Battle Pass is a flashy black and yellow knife. Stealth kills in VALORANT are increasingly popular, so rubbing it in someone's face that you've polished off the Episode Two Battle Pass as you also polish them off is a nice touch. In the reveal video, we also got to see Yoru on a helicopter pad which appears to be part of Icebox.


VALORANT's Episode Two Battle Pass is expected to cost 1,000 VALORANT Points or £9.99/$10. With VALORANT Ignition: Act Three coming to an end on January 12, there isn't long to wait until everyone can jump into Episode Two and start that Battle Pass grind.



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Images via Riot Games

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