Riot Games is aiming to launch two new maps in the near future.

11:05, 04 Nov 2020

Riot Games' lack of maps in VALORANT has been one of the main talking points since the launch of the game back in June. Currently, players can battle through Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, and the brand-new map Icebox as they look to plant the spike and avoid being picked off by a rogue Agent.

Having only five maps to compete on has lead to player fatigue, with many feeling that the game is somewhat repetitive. Riot Games' Game Director Joe Ziegler has now added fuel to the fire by acknowledging the lack of variety and has claimed that adding new maps is Riot's top priority.

Speaking to professional VALORANT player and G2 content creator Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Canellas, Ziegler stated, "We don’t have enough [maps] right now, we’ll be the first to admit it," before adding "[We are] trying to accelerate the next few maps". 

With just five maps in the current game, Ziegler has admitted that Riot aims to add two more to the pool in the coming months, as a starting point. He explained to Mixwell that "We feel like getting to seven is a good starting point. Once we get past that, we can begin really thinking if we’re going to leave maps out of the competitive map pool”.

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Without revealing a time scale for the new maps, Ziegler did hint that the conversations are already in the works for the next two maps. They recently added Icebox to the pool on October 13, and players have already reaped the benefits of having more variety.

Ideally, Ziegler and co. will need five competitive maps for the esports scene to thrive, especially with best of five matches where you will need to avoid doubleheaders on the likes of Haven. Having a total of seven will allow the developers to pick the five most suitable maps and help shoot the esports scene into new heights.

There's no telling when the next map will be brought out, but with development being at the top of Riot's priorities, it may be sooner than you think.



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Image via Riot Games

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