Is the destructive character simply too destructive? The devs address player concerns.

18:22, 21 Apr 2020

Riot Games has posted their weekly update on VALORANT; in summary; the issue of Raze being "too powerful". In the two weeks since VALORANT's closed beta began, players have taken to social media to voice their concerns on some elements of damage, and the characters doing the damage. 

In the blog posted on, Trevor Romleski talks about player feedback on Agent Raze;

Raze has been a polarizing character in VALORANT, we’ve seen feedback ranging from ‘Raze is fine’ to ‘Pls delete now.’ This has also raised the question about lethal damage from abilities in VALORANT, and when (if at all) does it make sense.

The community feedback regarding Raze has been polarising, with some players complaining she's far too strong, and others finding her balanced enough for the current in-game meta.

Romelski continued; 

We’re also assessing some balance tweaks to Raze regarding her overall power relative to other agents in the roster. This includes looking into if she has too many grenades, or if her damage is just too strong or too reliable. As always, please give us feedback on how you feel about the changes and if you think they’re improving your experience.”

VALORANT closed beta players can hopefully look forward to more balanced gameplay with Raze in the near future.

Images via Riot Games

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