After some bizzare comments on her social media, Valkyrae has considered quitting streaming.

12:10, 29 Apr 2021

With the world up in arms due to the global pandemic, one plucky streamer in particular strapped on her leather stilettos, 100 Thieves gaming gear, and 'fleeky' ponytail to give the world a stomping and be transcended into one of the year's most successful content creators.

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter gave 2021 the pandemic a middle finger, smashing through the content and riding high on the waves of new games and extravaganzas that popped up. Rising to fame by playing party games such as Among Us and FPS shooters like VALORANT, Valkyrae won the Streamer of the Year award and became co-owner of 100 Thieves alongside Jack "Courage" Dunlop.

However, with the recent ventures into business, it appears that Rae has one eye on leaving the streaming world behind, wanting to be removed from the public eye. Due to hate by internet trolls, most recently on TikTok thanks to a bizarre Tommy Innit and Addison Rae fiasco, Hofstetter has revealed that quitting streaming has "been on my mind.”

Taking to a recent stream, Valkyrae said: "I’ve been thinking about it a lot. There’s definitely going to be a time in my life where I pivot out of social media especially. I don’t want to live this way for the rest of my life.”

Her love-hate relationship with social media has taken a turn for the latter too, which comes as a contributing factor to her comments. She added "I actually really, really hate social media. It’s scary... I hate it. All the trolls, and hate, and creepiness.


"I just don’t think this fame is really that fulfilling. It’s incredibly invasive. It [quitting] has been on my mind a lot.”

Her recent wave of internet trolls stems from TikTok, as Tommy Innit and Addison Rae have caused quite a stir over the Dream SMP Minecraft server. According to Rae, the streamer was dragged into the debacle for having been confused with Addison Rae as the names are somewhat similar, and having ties to the server from previously debating jumping into the server with Karl Jacobs.

Unfortunately, the battle against trolls is proving ever so harder, and it may lead the queen of YouTube to hang up her gaming mouse for the day-to-day ventures of a sturdy businesswoman.


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