Valkyrae And Corpse Husband Have Apparently Met In Secret

Valkyrae And Corpse Husband Have Apparently Met In Secret
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Tarran Stockton


4th Oct 2021 16:42

Since linking up last year over the popularity of Among Us, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter and Corpse Husband have been a power duo in the world of online gaming entertainment.

Along with their intertwined popularity, there are rumours of the two meeting up in person - which has been debunked several times. Now, Valkyrae has hinted that she's directly met the mysterious streamer in real life. 

Did Corpse and Valkyrae Meet?

Whilst on stream last night, Valkyrae implied that she had finally met Corpse - though she was careful with her words. "I did meet a few people this week," she stated before adding, "I did meet a few people and I love my friends. I no longer have my silver brick. That’s all I’m going to say". It’s a fairly innocuous statement for the most part, but diehard fans of both will notice the comment about the "silver brick" in particular.

For those who don’t know, since becoming good friends, Corpse has had an obsession with a silver brick in Valkyrae’s possession. Because of this, she promised she would deliver him the brick if they ever met in person. Commenting on the brick's disappearance has caused many fans to put two and two together immediately and sing with excitement at the idea of the long-time friends finally meeting.

Who Are Corpse And Valkyrae?

Both creators first met when Corpse blew up during the success of his Among Us videos and Valkyrae invited him to join her friends for some rounds. Since then, they’ve become much closer, and Corpse even had Valkyrae act as him for one of his music videos. Despite all this, they've never had the chance to meet due to Corpe’s fear of having his identity exposed and setbacks due to his chronic illness.

Even with all the issues that prohibited a meetup, if what Valk has said is true, then the two buddies finally had a chance to come together and Valkyrae can join the ranks of Sykkuno as one of the few creators to meet the gravel-voiced icon in the flesh.


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