It's all fun and games until a tree boinks off your noggin'.

17:31, 27 Feb 2021

Iron Gate AB's role-playing survival game has somewhat snuck up on the gaming community, feeding off the likes of Rust, Raft, and even Minecraft fanbases which have seen an influx in popularity since streamers have looked to diversify their palettes. 

Valheim was released on February 2, 2021, and with its third week in circulation, it has already surpassed the likes of Grand Theft Auto on Steam, in terms of the numbers of players. 

Played in third-person, the survival game takes the instincts of Minecraft but combines it with the elements of role-playing and necessity to survive from RPG's such as Skyrim. With easily transferable skills and an aesthetically stimulating visual appeal, Valheim has hit the ground running and players are already looking at how they can make the game unique.

Of course, the modding world has also got to grips with the title and has begun grasping their hands on the spinning wheel that makes PC gaming so different.

One early mod allows the camera to be played in first-person, and play the world of Valheim through the eyes of your character, and it's incredible.


The Valheim first-person mod does rely on the BepInExPack too but is very easy to install. It allows you to get up close and personal with your architecture and combat. Although there are a few slight grievances when it comes to fighting. 

The creator "kailen_" acknowledges that "I am aware of the issue with shields and will work to fix it", alongside some other slight bugs such as "the bow does not aim up or down", "the grass and apparently birch trees don't seem to follow the same culling rules", and "you can see through parts of yourself if you try".

Despite the unpolished enamel over the mod, seeing the game through the eyes of the character adds a much more immersive feel to the experience, as well as allowing a greater look at the stunning landscape.


With the game in its early stages, mods are going to come thick and fast, although this one will take some beating.



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Image via Iron Gate AB

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