Bag 'Em would have allowed a finishing move to 'teabag' opponents in Verdansk.

12:16, 06 Jan 2021

The term 'teabag' has often been met with hostility due to its non-PG connotations, although Call of Duty players can often use the method as the ultimate brag on a fallen enemy. Alongside emoting and torching bodies, teabagging is often a flex after getting the better of a frustrating opponent. 

However, the technique is now often frowned upon, and Activision seemingly shares the same thoughts as they axed a finishing move that would have seen a character teabag his opponent.

Finishing moves have also become a friendlier way of flexing upon an opponent, although calling a hellhound to do your dirty work is somewhat toeing the line of reality. Some moves showcase the realities of war by using whatever tools necessary to chop an opponent all the while looking pretty awesome. 

Labelled "Bag 'Em", this unreleased finishing move saw players knock their opponent to the ground with a knife and double-crouch over their opponent whilst flailing their arms in the direction of the body underneath. 

The insult to injury has seemingly been in the Modern Warfare files since Season 3 (May 2020) but has been left on the shelves to gather dust. 


There is no full explanation as to why it was never brought out considering the work that the developers put into making the animation. It definitely looks more realistic than spamming the B button above your opponent, which may have looked too crude for the public eye. For now, those who wish to let their opponent know who's boss will have to act in different ways or continue the rapid crouch movement that has been part of the toxic folklore.

It's clear that Activision like their teabags left out of the mug, do you agree? Or would you prefer a strong cuppa with the sweet taste of victory left in your mouth after finishing a match?



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Image via Activision

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