Undiscovered Uncharted Easter Egg Found In The Last of Us

Undiscovered Uncharted Easter Egg Found In The Last of Us

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Tom Chapman


6th Dec 2020 21:10

With Naughty Dog boasting some of the best-selling action-adventure video games of all time, it's no surprise the acclaimed developer likes to hide a few sneaky Easter eggs to its impressive back catalogue in its titles. Just like Ubisoft has created its own shared universe between Assassin's CreedFar Cry, and Splinter Cell, it turns out it's not the only studio to unite the best under one roof.

While the Uncharted games have been a big hitter for Naughty Dog since Nathan Drake first muscled his way into our lives in 2007, The Last of Us was a little later onto the scene. Still, the 2013 survival horror went on to become one of the best-selling games of all time and led to the equally successful The Last of Us Part II this year. Both franchises have uncertain futures, but with the latest reveal, could we see some sort of crazy Uncharted/The Last of Us crossover?

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Uncharted Easter egg in The Last of Us: Where is it?

Posting on Twitter, former Naughty Dog Game Designer Rodney Reece explained how Victor "Sully" Sullivan's plane is lurking in the background of The Last of Us' Beach map in Factions mode. It's crazy to think that Sully's iconic seaplane has laid in ruins in The Last of Us without any of us noticing. Given that it's not exactly clear this is the Hog Wild, we're not exactly surprised no one has spotted this before. 

Added to this, Reece reiterated this isn't official canon - he simply used Sully's plane as a model for this underwater wreckage. In reality, it's virtually impossible for The Last of Us' plane to be the same as the Uncharted craft. In the "A Surprising Find" part of Drake's Fortune, Nate and Elena flew the Hog Wild to a hidden island but here hit by anti-aircraft fire. When we last saw Sully's plane, its wreckage hung upside down in the middle of a jungle. 


Uncharted Easter egg: Are there more?

Naughty Dog is no stranger to cleverly hidden Easter eggs. Even the name Hog Wild is a reference to the level of the same name in the OG Crash Bandicoot. Elsewhere, we've seen Nathan Drake play Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4 and there was a teaser for The Last of Us Part II in Uncharted 3. When it comes to The Last of Us Part II, it's jam-packed with Naughty Dog Easter eggs.

If you look close enough in this year's game, you might be able to find a dusty PlayStation 3 with a copy of Uncharted 2, a Nathan Drake Halloween costume (that also appeared in The Last of Us), and even an X-rated Crash Bandicoot adult film. With Easter eggs growing in popularity over the years, it seems Naughty Dog was ahead of the game by sinking Sully's plane to the bottom of the ocean. Let's see if Nathan Drake himself pops up in the inevitable The Last of Us Part III


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