Twitch Streamer Completes Pokemon BDSP Pokedex In Record Time

Twitch Streamer Completes Pokemon BDSP Pokedex In Record Time
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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2021 14:24

It didn't take long for speedrunners to get their hands on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The Pokemon franchise has a long-standing adoration from speedrunners, with many different challenges thrown on top of the games to keep them interesting - like the legendary Nuzlocke challenge.

Fans have exhausted all of the games' fun to such a degree that they're taking it into their own hands - and now, they're trying to complete the Pokedex absolutely as fast as possible, as though their insane speedruns weren't enough.

Pokemon BDSP are certainly no different, and one speedrunner has just worked through the entire game to 100% completion of their Pokedex in under 24 hours.

How Was The Pokemon BDSP Pokedex Completed In Under 24 Hours?

One streamer has managed to topple every corner of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in less than 24 hours, completing the game's extensive Pokedex in record time. The full 100% completion of the game only took 20 hours and 53 minutes in total.

He needed to employ some sneaky tactics in order to get it done though - he had to use a separate copy of Shining Pearl to get the run done, as many Pokemon are exclusive to only one of the two games. He accomplished the run using Brilliant Diamond, then sent over all of the Pokemon from the other game as and when he needed them.

But, there was one trick that was tough to tackle in the run.

SmallAnt Discovers Drifloon Capture Trick

One major problem standing in the way of the completion of the run - the Pokemon Drifloon. The balloon Pokemon will only appear on the Friday after the player beats Team Galactic in Valley Windworks - and as the game launched on a Friday, he could well have been out of luck.

Things are especially tough, as the games have a system that punishes players for time-skipping, making changing the time on SmallAnt's Switch completely useless.

Luckily, though, he'd thought ahead far enough to set the time for the Switch before he started the run, meaning that by the time he'd beaten Team Galactic, he was still able to watch the game tick over into "Friday". This still gave him the chance to bag the hard-to-catch Pokemon.

The run is incredibly impressive, and it could have made SmallAnt the very first person to officially complete Pokemon BDSP's Pokedex. Impressive.


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