Treyarch ‘Working On’ Zombies Mode For Vanguard

Treyarch ‘Working On’ Zombies Mode For Vanguard
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18th Aug 2021 10:11

Check your tickets - the Vanguard hype train is about to roll into the station. The World War II-themed Call of Duty adventure is gearing up for its announcement on August 19, and in the meantime, speculation and rumours are rife as to the shape that the game and its story will take. But one subsect of Call of Duty fans is worried about a specific mode’s future.

Zombies has been a critical part of the series’ development, with a hugely dedicated fanbase rallying for the undead-slaying mode in particular. Some developers other than Treyarch have made attempts at the formula. With Advanced Warfare’s exo-zombies and WWII’s horror-centric take on zombies, new gameplay was established - but they never really replicated the magic of Treyarch’s timeless mode.

Thankfully, though, it looks like we won’t have to miss out when Vanguard comes around.

Is Treyarch Working On Vanguard Zombies?

Treyarch Is Making Vanguard's Zombies Mode
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Rest easy, Zombies fans, because it looks like Treyarch isn’t finished with Zombies just yet. It was announced that a whole slew of legacy developers from the Call of Duty franchise had been working on Vanguard and have been making their own additions to the game.

This long list includes the likes of Activision, High Noon Studios, Beenox, Raven and Sledgehammer Games - but most importantly, Treyarch is on board with its own additions.

According to leaker Tom Henderson, Treyarch’s tinkerings on the game are much more focussed than that of the others - and has suggested that its sole responsibility for Vanguard is its Zombies mode.

But, excitingly, it doesn’t end there.

Is Zombies Chronicles 2 Coming To Vanguard?

Treyarch Is Making Vanguard's Zombies Mode
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It was also suggested by Henderson that Zombie Chronicles 2 - the sequel to the anthology DLC pack for classic Zombies maps - could be coming straight to Vanguard. The leaker suggested in an article on DualShockers that if the pack will come at any time after its long development, it’ll coincide with Vanguard’s life cycle. This means it's especially likely that it’ll come to the WWII title.

Plus, with Treyarch now confirmed to be on the development team of Vanguard, if we can expect Chronicles 2 any time soon, it’s almost guaranteed to make its debut in the newest Call of Duty. Zombies fans, you are now permitted to squeal with delight.

For many people, Vanguard’s draw could well be its additions to the Zombies mythos. If we’re lucky, it’ll be exactly the mode we know, love, and fondly remember.


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