Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War developers, Treyarch, have been trolling dataminers in the most hilarious way.

12:45, 24 Oct 2020

The next Call of Duty instalment is never complete without months of leaks and hints that are dug out from the files of the developers. Countless leakers and dataminers go to town on the files to dig the dirt on what we can expect from the titles in the future.

With Black Ops Cold War on the brink of release, interest in what's going to be available has never been so rife. Even after three reveals, Alpha and Beta run, and numerous other leaks, dataminers are still hoping to unearth something not known to the public. 

However, Treyarch has decided to plant the most hilarious ploy, which has now been stumbled on. Within certain accessible files, the developers have embedded a short link to a certain YouTube video which has north of 780 million views. 

The infamous troll in question is, of course, the Rickrolls clip, the oldest trick in the book. Since the beginning of time, Rick Astley's music video has been the ultimate meme, and now, it's been used beautifully by the Call of Duty team. 

The files that included Season Configuration, PC Developer God Mode, Lootboxes Configuration, and MTX Configuration lured dataminers in before they realised that they were caught hook line, and sinker with the classic Rickrolls video.


Dataminers have been more prominent than ever this year, especially with the Easter eggs that were rolled out by Treyarch. The breadcrumb trail led players and streamers alike to revisit previous titles and drop into Verdansk to solve clues that would end in the worldwide reveals. They've also revealed full lists of weapons and maps prior to the reveal. 

With the game set to be released on November 13, keep an eye out for the final wave of leaks, especially in the Warzone department.



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Image via Activision

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